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Breaking out of Lockdown - RampFest is BACK on June 23rd

May 28, 2020 6 min read

Breaking out of Lockdown - RampFest is BACK on June 23rd

Well, this is the day we've all been waiting for - RampFest is BACK!  We're beyond stoked to say that we'll be reopening to the public on June 23rd.

It's been a pretty rough couple of months - and straight up we need to give a massive shout out to all the frontline healthcare workers, and to everyone else who's done their part and stayed home.  It looks like we're over the worst of it and we can start getting back to the things we love.

Another massive THANK YOU has to go out to you - our customers, friends, fellow riders and fans.  We're constantly blown away by the support you show for what RampFest does.  Over the last couple of months, we've been getting lots of emails and calls from people asking what they can do to help through this tough time.  We don't want to ask for charity (there are plenty of people doing it tougher than we are), but now we're open, we'd love you all to come down for a ride. 

If you can Book a Session, buy a 10x Pass, sign up for a Membership, or even just share a post on Facebook or Instagram - that support helps us more than you know, and will make sure that RampFest is here until the next pandemic (it was 100 years since the Spanish Flu, so we're gonna be around for a while!).

With all that said, things aren't totally back to normal yet.  Under a staged reopening of businesses across the state, we'll be operating with restrictions in order to keep everyone safe, and with that, we've had to make a few changes to our pricing, schedule and general procedures.  The major changes are:

  • 20x Rider Limit - All sessions will be limited to 20x total riders.  Spectators can watch from the viewing area, but please keep this to a minimum.
  • Booking is Essential - Book online to secure your place.  You can still "walk-in", but if the session is full, you won't be able to ride.
  • Session Time Limits - We've made some changes to our schedule to give everyone a fair go.  Please arrive on time & ready to ride - sessions will not run overtime.

With these new rules, we've made the following key changes:

Session Times & Bookings

Our daily session timetable will also be a bit different - with 3hr sessions Monday-Friday, and Saturday & Sunday Mornings running with 2hr sessions until 3pm.  While this is not what everyone is use to at RampFest, these changes will help us work through this tough period.  We want to make sure everyone gets the opportunity to ride - because we're all sick of being stuck at home!

In general, we're recommending that younger kids & beginner riders attend the morning sessions, and older kids / more advanced riders attend the evening sessions.

We'll also be selling 5 & 10 Pass combos for our sessions.

Book a Session

School Holidays

For the School Holidays, we won't be running our regular 3-5 Day Ramp Camps, instead, we'll be offering a "Holiday Super Session" - it's a mini version of Ramp Camp, and can be booked in 3hr blocks from 9am - 12pm & 12pm - 3pm each weekday during the Holidays.  This will be a 10x person group p/session, with a RampFest Coach who'll take them round the park, play a bunch of games, and just generally make sure they have a RAD time.  The session also includes a food combo p/person.

Book a Holiday Super Session

Birthday Parties

We've had a ton of enquires about Parties, and they are going to be available to book when we open.  However, they'll have to be slightly modified to fit our current schedule.  We'll only be offering one party option, based off the RampFest Special, limited to 10x kids p/party, and will be available at set times Saturday & Sunday morning.

Learn more about Birthday Parties

And finally, I want to thank our team - who've done their very best to ensure all our customers can access a suitable session, holiday program or party package.  We have had to make a lot of modifications to our normal inclusions to be able to open, so we ask everyone to please work with us during this time.  As further restrictions are lifted, we'll be able to return to our normal schedule.  Thanks to everyone for working with us, and your ongoing support! 

Now, let's go for a ride!


PS. To read more detail about our new CovidSafe opening procedures, keep scrolling on.


Article by:

Chris Bierton


Rampfest Owner / BMX Rider

Em:  Chris@Rampfest.com.au


Covid-19 Guidelines for Attending RampFest:

Rampfest will be opening with a whole new set of guidelines so please read these carefully:
  • If you have any symptoms or have travelled at all in the past 14 days, please stay home and keep everyone safe.
  • Please adhere to social distancing whenever you are here so we can stay open.  This means maintaining a 1.5m distance when riding at all times.
  • Come in groups with as many riders to a parent as possible.  We have very limited viewing space and must comply with capacity limits on each space, so please remember this when booking.
  • Please follow all signage and be patient as we work through this new structure, we want you to have the best experience possible whilst being safe too.
  • Please remember that our staff have the right to a safe workplace and we reserve the right to refuse entry to anyone we believe is not fit to be at Rampfest.
  • Before your visit, you'll receive a reminder email with detailed instructions for your arrival.  Please read this and follow the guidelines to keep everyone safe and RampFest running smoothly.

Arriving for your Session

When you visit RampFest, please follow these simple steps to help our staff manage our new procedures:

  • Sessions will have strict start and end times to ensure everyone has a fair go.  This is to ensure we do not go over capacity and you do not miss out on your riding time.
  • Please come ready to ride with shoes laced, pads on, helmets done up and bookings ready to go.
  • When you arrive, please wait outside our main entrance (on the outdoor ramps), until we call you in for your session.
  • At the end of each session, we'll give everyone a "10-mintues-to-go" warning. 
  • Please get ready to leave during this time so that the next group can start on time.

RampFest Members:

All Rampfest Members will be contacted with a special promo code for their bookings, but please note Ultimate Memberships (direct debit / unlimited visits) have not been restarted as yet.  With the capacity limits imposed, it isn't possible for us to offer our "unlimited entry" passes right away.  No membership fees will be charged during this time, and you'll be able to book sessions at the Members Price of $15 p/session. We apologise for any inconvenience, but we need to make sure we can stick around for the long haul, and want to make sure you have a safe experience along with everyone else too. Please remember this is temporary and will be updated as soon as the restrictions are.

Customers with Existing Bookings

If you were one of our awesome customers who had a booking before COVID-19 and kept your booking with us you will be contacted directly with a special promo code to use on any bookings you like, whether it is for parties, sessions or holiday programs.

Additional Safety Measures

When you visit RampFest, you might also notice some additional safety measures in place - here are some of the extra things we're doing throughout the day:
  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitised every hour and in between all sessions.
  • Hand Sanitiser will be supplied at the front counter for customers.  Please note that this is a hot-product right now and we still encourage everyone to bring their own just in case.
  • Through our booking system and waiver system, we keep records of who attended every session and your contact details.  In the event of a confirmed Covid-19 case at RampFest, we'll be reaching out to everyone who attended the affected session, and the sessions either side.  This will be in compliance with Government Health & Privacy policies.
  • Our foam pit is still closed to all attendees.
  • All Staff have received additional training in Covid-19 Safe practices in the workplace.

More Information

If you have any further questions about our Bookings or Covid-19 reopening policies, please get in touch with us via:

Ph:  03 9311 3998

Em: Info@rampfest.com.au 

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