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Come & Try Days at RampFest

Get Started & Try New Gear

At RampFest, we're stoked to offer FREE Come & Try days for the Skate Park throughout the year.  We offer days specifically for:
  • Scooters
  • Skateboards 
  • BMX

Come & Try Days are perfect for anyone who hasn't been to RampFest before and is looking for a quick, easy and friendly introduction.  OR, for anyone who wants to try out some awesome new gear from our Sponsors.

At each Come & Try Day, we'll have a special range of demo gear available for you to check out and try - perfect if you're looking for an upgrade, but aren't quite sure what to get.  You'll also be able to get a great deal while you're there.


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Question about Come & Try Days

1. Are Come & Try Days at RampFest Open to everyone?

Yes, anyone who either wants to check out RampFest for the first time, or wants to try some of the awesome demo gear available at each session. 

2.  Are Come & Try Days the same as "First Timer Lessons"?

No - this isn't a specific lesson.  If you're looking for a lesson, we recommend you check out our Coaching Programs page.  Come & Try Days are more of an intro to RampFest and a chance to check out some of the latest products.

3.  Is there an age limit for Come & Try Days?

No - you can be any age and participate.

4.  Do I need to bring my own gear to a Come & Try Day?

Just like any other session at RampFest, we always recommend you bring your own gear if you have it - but we do have a full range of hire skateboards, scooters and helmets available.  You'll get a chance to try out some demo products at a Come & Try Day - but everyone will want a chance to try too - so you want get to ride a brand new board or scooter for the whole session (sorry).