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Experience the STOKE of ramp-riding when you visit RampFest!  Our world-class indoor skatepark has plenty of different ramps that will suit every skill level.  So whether you're a seasoned pro or a first-time beginner, you can be sure to find the perfect skatepark session for you. Plus, you save money when you book online!

Skatepark Pricing

Skatepark Session Type Book Online Walk-In Members
Junior Session (Under 14s) $20 $22 $17
Standard Session (Bowl Mode) $20 $22 $17
Advanced Session (Flow Mode) $20 $22 $17
All Day Upgrade + $15 + $15 + $0
Hire Equipment  - Skateboards, Helmets or Scooters + $5 p/item p/session


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Skatepark Timetable

RampFest Indoor Skate Park Session Timetable School Term 2023


Events affect our regular skatepark session timetable.  Use our online booking calendar to check if sessions are available during an event, or contact us if you're not sure.

Upcoming Events

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Rampapalooza 2023

Saturday, October 14th

3pm - 11pm

Workshops 🛠️
Live Bands & Music 🎶
Beers 🍻
Markets Stands ⛺️
Competitions & Games 🎮
& Much More 💪🏻

Tickets Available

Battle Of Rampfest - Dirt Jumper Jam

Saturday, October 21st

3pm - 9pm

Longest Manual
High Jump
Best Park Lap
Best Trick Battle

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More Info & Skatepark FAQ's


Which Session Type should I book?

Standard Sessions (Bowl Mode) are suitable for everyone - riders, skaters, scooter'ers of all ages & skill levels.

If you're under 14 and want to ride without the big kids (or if Mum & Dad would like to jump out on the course with you), our Junior Sessions are best.

If you're an experienced user, who is confident on the park and happy to share with our experienced riders / skaters, check out our Advanced Sessions (Flow Mode).

I'm a first timer or beginner, is RampFest for me... the ramps look really big?

Absolutely! RampFest Indoor Skatepark has ramps for every skill set. But not just that, we offer Coaching Programs and special Skate Park Intro Courses to help you get off to the best possible start.

When it comes to big ramps, we actually believe they are both safer and easier to learn on - we know it sounds strange, but check out this article about what makes big ramps safer for beginners.

Is the Session Timetable always the same?

Mostly - we have a different Timetable that runs during School Holidays - with more sessions daily. Find out more about School Holiday Timetable & Programs here.

We also host special events and have varying hours on public holidays. You can always see these upcoming timetable changes either above (just under the session timetable), or on our Upcoming Events page.

We always keep out Google Business page up to date with our hours, and our bookings pages - so if you can book a session, you know we're open.

Is RampFest Safe?

Safety is our top priority and RampFest is as safe as any Skate Park can be. Any action sports carries a risk of injury, but when you visit RampFest, you're in the best possible hands.

We always have first-aid trained staff on hand to assist if anything goes wrong, and we actively enforce our additional safety rules - like ensuring equipment is safe, everyone is using helmets and everyone knows the basic skate park etiquette of taking turns.

You can find out more about how to stay safe at the skate park is our "Skate Park Safety 101" article.

Is everyone welcome?
Yes. At RampFest all we care about is that you want to ride, skate or scoot and have a good time. Action Sports is for everyone, and we pride ourselves on being a friendly and inclusive space for everybody.
Do I need to fill out a Waiver Form to ride?
Yes, everyone needs to fill out a waiver form. This needs to be done by a parent or guardian if you are under 18. But don't stress, Mum or Dad can do this online, before you arrive. Click Here to fill out the waiver form.
What types of ramps do you have?
Our ramps are all a plywood surface, and we have a closed in bowl (varying from 6-9ft deep), a box jump, a long driveway box, a "spox" (Spine Box), various quarter pipes, quarter pipe resi, box jump resi, foam pit and outdoor mini ramps. Find out more about our park features here.
What is the difference between "Bowl Mode" & "Flow Mode"?

RampFest has a big transfer right in the centre of the park, that connects the bowl to the box section for advanced users.

In Bowl Mode, this transfer is CLOSED - meaning there is more space for everyone to ride without getting in each others way.

In Flow Mode, this transfer is OPEN - meaning that riders have to be more aware of how everyone else is riding to use the park safely. This is why Flow Mode is only for Advanced Sessions.

Ask a Question

Our friendly staff team is always happy to help you out.  If you've got any questions about getting started at the skate park, reach out to us:

Ph: (03) 9311 3998


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