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Skateboard Coaching at RampFest

Skateboarding is awesome fun - but there is definitely a steep learning curve!  Our Skateboard Coaching will help you build up basic skills and confidence on the board quickly to get your rolling around any skate park in no time.

Check out our full range of skate coaching programs below.

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Quick-Start Course - 3x Lessons for $49.95

Our Quick Start Course is great value for First Time Skaters.

The course runs on Sunday Mornings at 10am (part of our regular Beginner Skate Class) - you can pick any start date you wish, and then attend a further 2x classes at your leisure (we recommend coming in consecutive weeks, but it's not required).

The price includes hire equipment (board & helmet) if you need it.

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Meet The Coaches

Bailey Dyson

Bailey might be young, but he has been coaching at RampFest for the last 2 years now.  Bailey is an amazing bowl skater himself and has plenty of crazy lines around RampFest.  When he isn't skating, he's an apprentice carpenter and part time ramp builder.  He's the first man in whenever there is a new ramp project in the park.  When Bailey is coaching, he loves showing first timers the ropes.

Bailey is currently taking Sunday Beginner & Intermediate Skate Lessons.






Saul Spelbrink

Saul is the newest member of the Rampfest Team - but has been coaching skateboarding for several years.  Most recently, he's been working with the YMCA Skate Park League programs - putting on great events at Skateparks all around VIC.  He's also been coaching regularly through several school based programs - working with a wide range of skill levels and helping them pick up Skateboarding. 

Saul is currently taking our Wednesday Evening Term Coaching Groups.