Get Ready for the Progression Session!

by Chris Bierton April 29, 2022 2 min read

Young BMX Rider jumping the hip during a Progression Session event at RampFest indoor skate park Melbourne.

Challenge Yourself to "Level Up"

Next Progression Session:  Sunday 36th of June

At RampFest, we host our own unique "Progression Session" at the end of every Ramp School Term.  The Progression Session is open to anyone - whether you've participated in a RampFest Coaching Clinic before or not - and it works a bit like a karate or gymnastics grading.  

If you've attended any of our coaching clinics, you've likely been given a RampFest "Progression Guide" for your sport.  In this guide, we've listed out seven skill levels in each sport:
  1. First Timer
  2. Beginner - Level 1
  3. Beginner - Level 2
  4. Beginner - Lever 3
  5. Intermediate - Level 1
  6. Intermediate - Level 2
  7. Intermediate - Level 3
The Progression Session is your chance to either set a baseline for future improvement, or to show us what you've been working on and "level up" by passing the skills test for the next level.  The levels relate directly to our coaching programs - and the types of skills you'll be working on each week.

The bottom line is that Progression Sessions are about creating a supportive and encouraging environment for kids to push themselves and improve.  They are non-competitive with others and all the tests are individual, skills based challenges - where everyone gets around each other to help them achieve their goal.

If you're a young rider, skater or scooter'er (or a parent of one), this is the perfect event to boost your confidence, see your current skills and set some goals to improve on for next time. 

Progression Sessions are FREE for Ramp School Term participants or $15 for all other students.
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