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RampFest on Lockdown... but we'll be back!

March 23, 2020

RampFest on Lockdown... but we'll be back!

Hi RampFest Family, Friends, Riders, Parents, and everyone else,

I'm sure everyone has heard the news - and yes, RampFest is very much included in the closures. We will be shut, effective immediately, until further notice. This is a pretty tough day all round and this decision is obviously going to hit everyone pretty hard.

Please spare a thought in particular for our amazing staff team - who bring energy, passion and commitment to making RampFest what it is every single day .

For all our customers & members who have bookings coming up, or have regular payments, please be patient - we'll get in touch with all of you via email in the next 24hrs.

In tough times like this, I think it's also important to keep some perspective. This is going to hurt - just as it is every other business that's closing. But hey, if these closures help save lives - then it's all worth it. I'm sure we all have family who fit into the "at risk" category with this virus (my dad certainly does, and I don't want him to get sick).

The best thing we can do right now is keep supporting each other and PLEASE STAY HOME. Take this lockdown seriously because by doing so, you might just save the life of your friends friends grandparent (or someone else you've never even met). The sooner we stop the spread of this thing, the sooner life can return to normality.

And on that note, it's important to remember that things will return to normal. For all of us, including RampFest, this is not the end. This is a temporary closure - nothing more. RampFest will be back. Our commitment is unwavering to that. And as soon as we can, as soon as everyone is safe and well, we look forward to having an amazing ride / skate / scoot etc with all of you.

Until then, stay safe & health - and thank you all so much for the support you've given RampFest!



Lockdown FAQ's

What if I had a booking at Rampfest?  

At this stage your booking is going to be credited for you to use at a later date once this is all over.  We'll be contacting you directly regarding your booking ASAP - if you have not heard from us by Wed 25th of March, please send us an email -  info@rampfest.com.au.


I'm a Member - what will happen to my payments / membership?

All memberships will be put on pause in the next 48hrs - this means all payments & time periods will pause and resume as soon as we can reopen.


When will you be open again?

We will open as soon as we can, which is when the Government deems it safe to do so.  Please follow all government health directions until then - this is the best chance for this lockdown to be as short as possible.


How will we know you are opening?

We will update our Social Media, Website and anyone on our Email listings.

You can keep an eye on Social Media for other cool things too, like videos, pictures and products.


Can I still buy Parts, Pads and anything else?


As we are a retail store our online sales will still be going ahead.

No physical in-store sales are available at this time, just the online web store.


Can I book a Private Session still?


Unfortunately the shutdown means our entire skate park area is unavailable.

Even the staff and team riders can’t use the space, so you aren’t the only one missing out.


Are you planning any events after the lockdown?

We want to bring RampFest back better than ever - and we'll be looking at a bunch of ways to do this while we're closed.  It could be events - at this stage it's too early to tell.

We want to ensure everyone is safe and we will act on what information the Government gives us.

If we can, we will, but keep an eye on our Socials to see any updates.


I have a question not answered here.

If you have any queries not answered here or in our blog, please feel free to email info@rampfest.com.au and we will respond as soon as we can.

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