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RampFest is Back - New Park OPEN & Ready to ride!

October 27, 2023 2 min read

RampFest is Back - New Park OPEN & Ready to ride!

What a big few weeks it's been!  If you've been following along on our Instagram, you've probably saw it all unfold, but to quickly sum in up, in the last 3 weeks, the team from Universal Ramps & plenty of RampFest staff & volunteers did the following:

  • Emptied out the foam pit, bagging up over 300 bags of foam
  • Removed the bank-to-wall & long'n'low
  • Disassembled the step up box
  • Moved the Step Up Box - knocking off the knuckle and turning it into the new Resi Box
  • Built a new Roll In above the bowl - and installed a rad curved wall ride
  • Built a new Resi Quarter
  • Shifted the 8ft Quarter and old resi quarter over - resheeting both in the process
  • Shifted the Spox Landing and the Foam Pit take-off to make the new small step up
  • Flipped the resi take off round to meet the spox takeoff - making a new spine.
  • Built the new BIG step up box from scratch (FYI - that's the biggest indoor box jump in Aus now... 7ft tall kicker, 8ft high landing... how good!)
  • Moved another 8ft quarter across and re-sheeted it
  • Built the new 16ft high slant wall
  • plus plenty more we don't have time to list!
RampFest Construction by Universal Ramps - New Resi Box sectionRampFest Construction by Universal Ramps - Main Park Underway

In doing all this we also:

  • cut and installed over 2km worth of 90x45 timber to make the ribs of the ramps
  • cut and installed over 200 sheets of new plywood - for surfacing and transitions
  • unscrewed more than 12,000 screws
  • screwed in another 12,000 screws (no wonder those impact drivers got HOT!)
  • Filled almost 50 cubic meters of off-cuts and rubbish
  • Put in roughly 1100 labour hours in an 18 day period (approx 61hrs of work p/day between the whole crew of workers, volunteers etc)

But it was all worth it!  We're stoked with the finished product, and hope you all are too.  We believe we've built the best indoor setup in Australia - and we'd love you to come in and check it out.

RampFest new Slant Wall by Universal RampsRampFest Slant wall sheeting - by Universal Ramps

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