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Skate Park Safety & Rules

Skatepark Safety is the number one priority at Rampfest.  Like any sport, Action Sports (BMX, Skate, Scooters etc) carries a risk of injury, and thats why we ask all participants to read these tips (they are included in the waiver form too), and take the appropriate safety precautions at all times!

By following these basic tips, you’ll have a much better chance of staying safe in our Skatepark – and any other:


Everyone has the responsibility to RIDE SAFE in the park – look out for yourselves and your friends so everyone can have fun.

1.  Wear your HELMET.

Whenever you are riding (in our Park or anywhere else!) – you should have you helmet on. Helmets should be firm fitting, and sit just above your eyebrows – with the strap secured under your chin. If you have a question about helmets – please ask our staff.  We also recommend you wear other appropriate safety gear – knee pads, elbow pads, mouth guard, wrist guards, ankle braces and gloves.

2.  Look BEFORE you Ride.

Its like a road, but with more options – just like you don’t cross a road without looking, you shouldn’t start riding without looking left to right, front to back first.

3.  Take Short Turns & Return to the Start.

Short turns make sure everyone gets a go and helps other riders keep track of where you are in the park. Riding predictably by returning to where you started from also helps everyone know when you’ve finished your run.

4.  Only sit back on the DECKS of the ramps.

Sitting on the lip of a ramp or on the coping can get in the way of other users on the park. Always sit back to give other riders plenty of room. Always sit on the decks so you are visible – sitting at the bottom of ramps, or stopping anywhere between ramps is VERY DANGEROUS as others can’t see you.

5.  This is a Skatepark – Not a Playground.

You need to stay on your bike / scooter / skateboard or other wheeled device at all times. Don’t leave your equipment around the park, the ramps are NOT slippery slides, and the park is not a running track.

6.  Ride to your Ability.

It's not a race or a competition.  Ride within your limits and progress at your own pace, as you feel comfortable.  Most injuries occur when you try to rush something or learn something that is a bit beyond your current level.

Remember - Everyone has the same rights to use the park.  Respect all the users, and you'll get the same in return!

If you have any questions about Safety, please ask our Staff.

If you see someone get hurt or needing help, or, if you see any damage to ramps, REPORT IT TO STAFF IMMEDIATELY.

Please note, that Rampfest is NOT fully supervised (just like riding at a Council Skate Park).  We always have staff at the front counter ready to assist you and there are supervised Coaching Clinics available Saturday Mornings.  See our Timetable for more info.

If you believe that you, or your child requires full supervision to use the park safely, please attend one of our Coaching Clinics to become more confident in the skate park.

You can also find our Skatepark Waiver Form here – sign it online and save time before your next visit.


Skate Park Park Rules

When riding at Rampfest, it’s very important that you follow the rules of the park.  These are there to keep you (and everyone else) safe when you’re shredding!

  1. All Participants must complete and sign a wavier before they enter the park.
  2. All Participants must wear a helmet, appropriate clothing and closed in shoes while riding.
  3. Any Spectators who enter the park for any reason do so at their own risk.  Spectators MUST stay out of the way of participants at all times, and they must stand clear of all ramps.  When walking on ramps you must take great care as they may be slippery underfoot.  When crossing the park, you must watch carefully for participants from all directions.
  4. No food, unsealed drink containers or glass containers of any kind are to be taken into the park.
  5. No Alcohol, or illegal substances are permitted on the premises.  Cigarettes can only be used outside in the designated area.  Smoking is prohibited inside the park.
  6. No tagging, graffiti, placement of stickers or littering will be tolerated in the Park.
  7. Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult or suitable guardian at all times in the park.
  8. Profanity and abusive behaviour towards other participants, staff or spectators will not be tolerated.
  9. All Participants and attendees must follow instructions from RampFest Staff at all times.
  10. Participants are not to attempt any tricks that would endanger other participants, staff or spectators.
  11. Participants are not to attempt any jump that takes them outside the designated course area.
  12. Participants are not to attempt any trick that is beyond their ability.
  13. No riding is allowed outside the park – in the shop or canteen area.
  14. Only paid participants who are using sporting equipment (bikes, scooters etc) are allowed to use the ramps, foam pit and resi.
  15. All bikes and scooters must have Bar-Ends to protect the ramps, themselves and other participants.
  16. Causing deliberate damage to the ramps, or causing damage through any non-riding related activity (throwing bikes / scooters in anger) will not be tolerated and the participant will be liable to repair the damage.
  17. Any damage observed to the Skate Park MUST be reported to RampFest Staff immediately.
  18. Any accident or injury MUST be reported to RampFest staff immediately.
  19. Participants are not to deliberately drop in on or “snake” another participant on the course.
  20. You are responsible for the safety of your own equipment at all times within the park.  We are in no way responsible for damage to bikes, scooters, cameras etc.
  21. Do not ride / skate / scoot etc while holding a camera or any other piece of equipment.
  22. Participants MUST stay on their bike / scooter / skateboard / skates at all times.  No sliding, running, climbing etc on ramps.
  23. NO bullying will be tolerated in the park – towards anyone.

Foam Pit Rules

  1. Only paid participants, using sporting equipment (bikes, scooters, etc) are permitted to use the foam pit. No free jumping or alternate use will be permitted.
  2. Always wear a helmet and protective equipment to maximise safety.
  3. Mouth guards are highly recommended when jumping into foam pit.
  4. Wait until foam pit is totally empty before you begin your jump.
  5. Exit foam pit as quickly as possible and move off ramp.
  6. No standing in or around foam pit to take pictures or videos.
  7. Only one person at a time to enter the foam pit.
  8. Do not throw your scooter/bike/skateboard as this can cause serious injury to yourself or others.
  9. Take turns to jump into foam pit report any person who pushes in or doesn’t follow the rules.

Always ride to your ability and do not attempt tricks beyond your skill level.

Respect others, and share the space – everyone has the right to have fun here.

Failure to follow these rules may result in you being asked to leave the park (no refund offered), and repeated breaches may result in bans from Rampfest and any of our affiliated organisations.