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RampFest Park Design Update - No Foam Pit... so What's New?

September 26, 2023 4 min read

RampFest Park Design Update - No Foam Pit... so What's New?

With the 30th of Sept only a few days away, we know everyone is cramming in those final foam-pit sessions before our insurance runs out.  We know RampFest won't be quite the same without it... BUT... we've been working hard to come up with a new park design that everyone is going to love.

This will be the biggest change to RampFest since our 2019 Bowl Upgrade, and we are actually really excited about some of the new lines that will be in the park.

So... drum roll please... this is our new design:

 New RampFest Park Design - Numbered Image

We know that's a lot to take in... but let's go through it bit by bit.  We've numbered the ramps in the above diagram to walk you through it... 

Flow Line - Ramps 1-4

1.  Roll In - This is the existing roll in to the Foam Pit, it's not changing.  This will be the start & finish point for our "Flow Line"

2.  Step Up Box - The current RampFest Step Up is moving - this will be the first thing you hit coming off the roll in.

3.  NEW BIG Banked Quarter Wall - After the step up, you come to our first new feature - a monster turn around wall.  Smooth transition at the bottom goes up into a steep bank - easy to air, or just carve around, it will give you plenty of speed for the next part...

4. NEW Big Step Up Box - off the bank wall, we hit our all-new Step Up Box Jump - this one is gonna be big, but fun.  Smooth, tall take off - into a nice stepped-up landing, this jump is going to be perfect for sending the biggest tricks going around. Once you land, you cruise back up the roll in to the starting point.

Resi Section - Ramps 5-10

5.  NEW Roll In - This is basically a mirror image of our current roll in, but on the other side of the park, built around the pocket of the bowl.   This is the starting point for our Resi Box.

6.  Resi Box Jump - The current RampFest Resi Box is getting picked up and moved to the other side of the park.  It will be easy to hit off the new roll in, just like the current one and just as much fun.  

7. NEW Resi Quarter Landing (right) - The Resi Box will flow straight into a new resi quarter landing - which will be the same as the current one.

8.  Resi Quarter Take Off - This is one of the few ramps staying the same and not moving.  8ft tall, and the perfect transition, we're still claiming this is the best resi quarter in the country.  

9. Resi Quarter Landing (left) - The current resi quarter landing will be staying the same - but the resi mat will run straight off the updated Resi Spine.

10. Resi Spine / Spox - The current Spox will be getting a bit of an update and becoming a street spine when the resi mat is off - and an awesome resi spine when we have the resi on.

AND - all our Resi Landings will be removable for events and competitions!

Extras - Ramps 11-12

11.  NEW Curved Wall Ride - Off the back of the new wall ride, we'll be adding a cool new curved wall ride above the bowl pocket.

12.  NEW Runway - This is a long, flat run up to the Resi Quarter take off - so getting plenty of speed won't be a problem.  But, it's not just that - this will also be our new "Kids Area" during certain sessions.  We've got a range of mini ramp obstacles that we'll setup in here for our beginner classes.

What's Next - Key Questions

When does this start?

We're starting on Monday the 2nd of October.

When will it be finished?

We'll be finished by Friday the 20th of October at the latest - but the goal is to be done as quickly as possible.

Can I still ride at RampFest during the build?

Yes - parts of the park will be open throughout.  The bowl will always be open, the outdoor area will always be open, and the shop will be open as normal.  We'll also be building in sections, so parts of the box jump / resi area will be open during the construction weeks too.

Can I Help?

RampFest has always been an amazing community, and if you're able to volunteer to help out during the construction, we'd love to have you!  

We've got our expert build team from Universal Ramps running the major parts of the rebuild, but there are so many extra odd jobs that many hands can help out with.

If you're free and keen to volunteer during the construction, please email  We will have a roster of volunteers to make sure we don't have too many people onsite at once (and end up with people just standing around).

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