New Safety Measures at RampFest - Don't let Covid ruin your Holidays!

January 17, 2022 2 min read

RampFest Staff serving customers at Melbournes raddest indoor skatepark

We know that the latest Covid-19 outbreak has throw a lot of holiday plans into chaos, and that's not cool.  And we totally get that everyone is nervous about getting sick - no one wants to catch covid themselves... or pass it onto a vulnerable friend or family member.

That's why, at RampFest, we've made some changes that will help enhance our venue safety and further reduce your risk of catching covid while enjoy an epic ride, skate or scoot session.

New Safety Measures

1.  Reduced Session Size

RampFest is already huge, but to make sure there is even more space p/person, we're reducing maximum number of attendees in each individual session.  Each rider would have more than 20 square metres of space - more that 5x the current government recommendation for indoor venues.

This does mean that more sessions could sell out - so once again we're encouraging everyone to book your session online to avoid disappointment.

2.  Extra Cleaning, Every Day

We've added additional cleaning to our daily schedule - so will be sanitising key touch points around the venue even more throughout each day.

3.  Maximum Airflow Through the Venue

We'll be keeping the roller doors open PLUS all the fans & extraction fans on throughout the day to maximise the airflow through the venue.

4.  Book With Confidence - 12-Month Credit Policy

If you book a session, program or anything else and have to cancel due to Covid (either as close contact in isolation, or you get sick yourself), just let us know and we can hold your booking value in credit for 12 months.  No risk of losing out just because you got sick!

Things we're already doing:

  • Regularly monitoring staff for any symptoms before shift 
  • Asking all customers to postpone your visit (remember, you get a credit) if they are experiencing any Covid Symptoms
  • Wearing masks - and asking customers to do the same when they are not riding
  • Asking everyone to check in on arrival
  • For more info, check out our Covid-Safe Guidelines

More Information

If you're after any more information about our covid-safe policies, or any other enquiry, you can Contact Us Here.

Or, give us a call on 03 9311 3998.


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