Rampfest's Finest: Harrison Fuller

January 06, 2022 2 min read

Rampfest's Finest: Harrison Fuller

Rampfest's Finest: Harrison Fuller. The dude goes big. With effortless, flowing style, Fuller roasts the heck out of Rampfest Indoor Skatepark but his home is on the trails. Shovelling dirt & sculpting a nice set of jumps, he says, is like a counselling session and his calm, friendly attitude suggests he does a lot of digging.

Without further ado, this is Harrison Fuller.

age: 24

hometown: Sunbury but now residing in Riddells Creek, Victoria

portrait of Harrison Fuller at Melbourne's Rampfest Skatepark

How long have you been riding?

See this is a tough one. I’ve always ridden BMX bikes to and from school from a very early age. I started to get into dirt jump bikes when I first started high-school because I always thought dirt jumps and trails where the sickest thing. A few of my friends were right into them. I rode MTB for about 4 years and then I’ve been riding BMX for 7 years this year!


How did you get into BMX?

I got into BMX because a lot of my friends at the time were riding BMX. I’d always been around them from riding skateparks on my dirt jump bike and obviously riding them at a younger age. But mainly because I was bored of the dirt jump bike and wanted to try something different. Plus, watching all the S&M Credence dudes ride trails really set my mind on what I wanted to ride!


How often do you ride?

Everyday if I can haha

Rampfest is open all through the school holidays, book a session today! 

What’s the best advice you got about riding?

Have fun!


Best life advice?

Go fast and do less! Not great life advice but yeah ahahaha


How do you go so effortlessly fast & high?

It hasn’t always been so effortless ahahaha. It just takes practice I guess. That’s just the way I like riding and it’s the way I’ve pretty much always ridden. Taking my brakes off when I first jumped on BMX definitely helped in the sense of picking up way more bike control.


Have you got any favourite moment/s in BMX?

Trails, that’s all. Just trails. There’s nothing like riding a good set of trails with a good bunch of dudes.


harrison fuller at Rampfest Skatepark in Melbourne

What do you do when you’re not riding BMX?

- Work/Study?

I was a concreter for a bit but now I’m working at Rampfest again which is heaps sick!

- Other hobbies?

Digging trails? Would you call that a hobby or just counselling ahahahah


What would you say to anyone interested in trying out BMX?

It’s probably the most fun you’ll have in your life! And to definitely try it out!


What do you like about riding at Rampfest?

The place is unreal! So many lines in the place! And I helped with the bowl build and what’s better than riding something you’ve made?!


Favourite people to ride with/watch at Rampfest?

Jason Watts when he’s in town! Definitely have some of the sickest sessions when he’s not travelling the world!


Anything else you’d like to say?

Thanks for the interview and taking some badass photos of me, I hope everyone thinks they’re just as cool as I do!

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