Rampfest's Finest: Araya "Alice" Arunchot - Skateboarder

January 18, 2022 3 min read

Rampfest's Finest: Araya "Alice" Arunchot - Skateboarder

Alice is the poster girl for determination. Literally the poster girl for our skate school in store and online. Since then, Alice has progressed far and keeps pushing her skills. For a girl of only 8 years, old, there’s a bright future ahead in skateboarding. After seeing the progress she had made over lockdown, we set up a photoshoot and asked her a few questions.


Full name: Araya Arunchot

Nickname/preferred name: Alice 

Instagram: @araya_alice

Age: 8

Home Skatepark: Glenroy Skatepark  


What got you into skateboarding?

We went to Glenroy skatepark for the first time with my old scooter and I met  Jacob who was really good at skateboarding and it looked fun so I decided I wanted a skateboard for Christmas . 


How long have you been skateboarding?

2 years

skater girl plays with flick trix deck at Rampfest skate park, Melbourne

Do many of your friends at school skate?

No, a couple of my school friends can kinda skate. Older kids from my school sometimes see me at skatepark then are nice to me at school 


From those first few Rampfest Skateboard lessons to now, you’ve developed so much. How much did learning with Rampfest help?

I can go skateboarding when it’s raining. Bailey gives me confidence to try things, I don’t learn it every time when we are in lesson but after I practice so I can show him next time we meet. 


Do you think you would have progressed as fast without coaching? 

Any tips I get always helps my skateboarding. I progress most by practicing over and over. 


How did you keep active & skateboarding through all our lockdowns?

In the first year of lockdown I didn’t do much skateboarding aside from sometimes rolling down hills on roads with my dad or doing manuals at front of my house, I really missed all my new friends from the skatepark so it kinda made me sad. In the second year I skated everyday during lockdown at the local oval carpark . I learnt to do shuvits and started to learn to ollie. 

portrait of girl skateboarder, Alice - at Rampfest Skatepark, Melbourne


What is your favourite trick? 

At moment I am learning 5050 grinds in bowl


Biggest skateboarding achievement thus far?

Maybe was dropping in. Every trick I spend time learning and when I finally land it is always exciting. 


Do you think starting young helps or hinders your progress? 

I don’t think it helps that much because I get scared easier than older kids. I learn tricks early and when I’m older I will know lots of tricks. 

Young female skateboarder learns coping trick at Rampfest indoor skatepark

It was great to watch you overcome your fears when trying the grind on the coping, what goes through your head when learning something new? 

I was very scared because a few days before we had visited Rampfest and I did it by accident and nearly fell. I really wanted to land it again so was happy to do it for the photo and I am still practicing it everyday. 


Action sports know how to throw us to the ground, what keeps you getting up and trying again? 

I want to get better each day and I feel very good when I finally land my trick 


Who is your biggest inspiration to skate?

Sky brown from YouTube and my big friend @megaranch_aaliyah


Who do you skate with most?

I mostly skate with whoever is at the park but I really like to skate with my best friend Charlea who lives far away. 


skateboarder stuck in the bowl

What are your favourite places to go skateboarding?

I like skateboarding at Fawkner skatepark 


Most people who’ve been to Rampfest will have seen you on some of the posters, how was it to see your face in big print? 

Really exciting the first time I saw it. Now It reminds me of when I started skateboarding and how much I have improved. I like to show people I meet at  rampfest the poster of me. 


Favourite thing about Rampfest?

Coaching with Bailey and skating the bowl


Do you have any advice for anyone who is keen to try skateboarding?

Yes. Keep on trying new stuff. If you fall just try again 



Inspired to go Skating?

We sure are!  After chatting with Alice, even us (die-hard BMX riders) were picking up a board for a roll.

If you're not sure how to get started, RampFest offers a range of Skateboard coaching programs for all ages and abilities - you can book a casual lesson, an 8-week term program, or a special "First Timers" 3x Pack to get the basics down.

No matter where you're starting from, we'd love to share the stoke of Skateboarding with you at RampFest.

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