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Meet the Coaches for Ramp School Term 1

January 29, 2020 3 min read

Meet the Coaches for Ramp School Term 1

School Term is about to kick off again, and we're excited to be getting started with another 8-week coaching program for Skate, Scooter and BMX!

Our Term 1 Ramp Schools will kick off next week, on Tuesday the 4th of February.  

As with our last few terms, the program will be built around our Progression Guide - which we're slowly developing and adapting as we go.  Our goal is to be able to provide all our young riders with a structured and easy to understand program that develops core skills.

At the end of this Term, we're planning to launch our first RampFest Progression Session too - this will be a new type of event that is all about achieving personal goals - not about competing with others.  But more on this soon... 

For now, we want to introduce our Coaches for Term 1 of Ramp School:


Scooter Coaching

Starts Tuesday 4th of Feb @ 5pm

8 Week Program - $199.95 p/person (Rampfest Members save 10%)

Coach:  Jandamara Atkinson

Janda has been one of our longest team members at Rampfest.  He's been a local for the last 6 years, and in that time has progressed significantly!  He's been sponsored by multiple brands, competed in every major event in Australia (and placed well), and we well know for his easy going nature and crazy style.

Janda is excited to be taking over the Rampfest Scooter Coaching program this term and is keen to pass on his skills to a new generation of riders.

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Skateboard Coaching

Starts Wednesday 5th of Feb @ 5pm

8 Week Program - $199.95 p/person (Rampfest Members save 10%)

Coach:  Saul Spelbrink

Saul is the newest member of the Rampfest Team - but has been coaching skateboarding for several years.  Most recently, he's been working with the YMCA Skate Park League programs - putting on great events at Skateparks all around VIC.  He's also been coaching regularly through several school based programs - working with a wide range of skill levels and helping them pick up Skateboarding.

Saul is passionate about helping kids have as much fun skating as he does - and embodies our "basics first" approach to coaching. 

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BMX Coaching

Starts Thursday 6th of Feb @ 5pm

8 Week Program - $199.95 p/person (Rampfest Members save 10%)

Coach:  Ravine Kelly

Ravine is a familiar face to anyone coming into Rampfest - as well as being our Team Leader, he's picking up some coaching this term - just because he wants to!  Rav is a very experienced in working with kids of all ages and abilities - and has been coaching in Racing & Freestyle for several years.  His experience in both disciplines is a big bonus, as he can really help kids learn multiple different techniques and skills for use in either sport.

Rav is currently ranked 5th if VIC for racing, and came 3rd at the Oceania Am Challenge at Rampfest - showing his versatility on a bike. 

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All of our coaches are also supported by Chris Bierton - who is one of the most experienced BMX coaches in Australia. Chris works with BMX Victoria, BMX QLD, and the Cycling Aus High Performance Team in a variety of roles - and has been involved in training coaches through BMX Australia and other bodies for many years.

Chris works with our coaching team to develop the programs, guides and structures around each individual sport.

For more information about our upcoming coaching programs, give us a call on 03 9311 3998, or drop us an email on info@rampfest.com.au.

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Article by:

Chris Bierton

Rampfest Owner / BMX Rider

Em:  Chris@Rampfest.com.au


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