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Coaching Clinics @ RampFest!

At Rampfest, we run a range of coaching programs for BMX & Scooters (with Skate coming soon!) - so whether you’re totally new to riding Skate Parks, or you just want to learn some more advanced skills, we have a Coach who can help you out!

All of our coaching clinics are run by our resident pro riders - these guys have been riding for years and can show you the skills first hand.

Each Program or Class has a slightly different focus - so read on to find out which one is going to be best fit for you.

Ramp School - Term Coaching

8 Week Program - Every School Term

$169.95 for 8x Weeks

Ramp School is our newest coaching program - currently offered for BMX & Scooters and is suitable for riders of any age, who are keen to progress their skills.

This program includes:

  • Skate Park Safety and Etiquette
  • Individual skill assessments
  • Beginner to Pro skills, techniques
  • Competition strategy and run structure
  • Techniques to aid self-advancement outside of clinics
  • Basic, Advanced and Pro park usage
  • Basic, Advanced and Pro level tricks

All skill coaching is dependent on participant skill level.

Over the course of the 8-week term, our coaches will get the opportunity to work with riders individually, or in similar skilled groups, to improve skills, set progress goals, practice for competitions, and build confidence.

Along with that, we'll have some fun, meet new riding buddies, and just generally get stoked on the skate park!


Saturday Beginner Coaching

Every Saturday: 10:30am – 12:00pm - NO BOOKINGS REQUIRED

$30 p/person - Single Session

Our Saturday Beginner Coaching Clinics are currently offered for BMX & Scooters and is aimed at anyone who is new to skate parks.

These clinics focus on:

  • Skate Park Safety and Etiquette
  • Basic skills and techniques
  • Use of Skate Park obstacles
  • Building confidence

These clinics will give a new rider a solid base of skills that they can use at any skate park - then you'll be able to have more fun and progress faster to more advanced skills. A group clinic is also a great way to make some new riding buddies!

Clinics cost $30 p/person for a single session (which includes Entry Fee for the 9am - 12pm Session). We also offer Beginner Coaching Clinics in a Multi-Pass: 5x Clinics – $119.95 (buy 4 and get the 5th on FREE)




Private Coaching

Private Coaching is ideal if you’re a more advanced rider and want to work some specific skills, or if you’d prefer to learn 1-on-1 with our coach. In a Private Coaching Session, we can show you whatever you would like – whether its how to flow the park, how to prepare for a competition, how to learn a backflip etc – just let us know what you’d like to know.

Please note, that we will only teach you things that are appropriate to your skill level!  So if you're a first-timer, put a hold on that Backflip for a little while... 

Private Coaching starts from $80 p/hr (for 2x people or less) – and does not include the Park Entry Fee.

For larger groups who might want a private session, get in touch with us, and we’ll work something out that suits your needs.

Please note that bookings are essential.

Give us a call on (03) 9311 3998 or Email Us to chat about a private coaching session!

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