New Coaching Programs for Skate, Scooter & BMX!

July 17, 2019 4 min read

New Coaching Programs for Skate, Scooter & BMX!

At Rampfest, we run an 8-week coaching course for Skateboarding, Scooter & BMX every school term, and we're building a new structure around all our lessons. 

Unlike most mainstream sports, Action Sports as a whole have been fairly unstructured in terms of learning and progression - and while this is fun and adds to the "Freestyle" aspect of them, we also understand that this can make it hard to measure progression for kids and parents.  We see it is super important to be able to measure where you're at, and understand what's next - it keeps everyone stoked and motivated to keep going.

So, we've been rolling out what we believe to be one of the first Action Sports progression guides for our coaching programs.  We've developed a 7 Level Progression Guide to help take you from having never seen a skate park before, to a professional competition level.

The Progression Guide has been put together by our head coach, Chris Bierton, and is based on similar curriculums used in some of the worlds leading action sports training facilities.  When discussing the new Rampfest progression Guide, Chris said:

"One of the most common complaints we've had from parents about Action Sports Coaching is the lack of structure or system - which is hard to implement without really losing the freestyle 'soul' of the sports in the first place.  We think that the guide we've put together will help give both kids and parents a good measure of progress, without making BMX, Scooter and Skate too rigid.  After all, we believe that the freestyle, flexible and fun nature of Action Sports is the best part!"

All of our sessions will be based around the coaching outcomes we've described in the guide - and we believe this will help kids to understand their progression and inspire them to set new goals in Skate, Scooter and BMX.

Our basic guide is:



Age Range

Time to Progress

Key Outcomes


(Level 0)

You’ve never been on a Skate Park before… this is all new to you!  Time to get started on your journey to rad-ness.

Kids aged under 10

1-2 Months – Should progress past this level within 2-3x Lessons.

Understand Skate Park Safety

Can ride confidentially – with good balance and basic skills on flat ground.


(Level 1)

You know what a skate park is… and the basics of how they work.  You know how to roll and turn.  Time to start using some Ramps.

Kids Aged Under 10

1-3 Months – Should progress past this level within 3-5 Lessons.

Can get around a Skate Park with basic drop ins, fly outs etc.

Can visit other parks and use safely.


(Level 2)

You’ve got the basics covered on the ramps – time to start using them how they are meant to be used!  Hitting the jumps, landings and airing the quarters is where the real fun begins…

10-13yr Olds

6-12 Months

Can use all the major obstacles at RampFest & most other larger Parks


(Level 3)

Stunts… tricks… maneuverers.  Whatever you want to call them, we all want to be able to do cool stuff on the park. 

Here we start to step above just using the ramps, and really showing our style and skill.  We start with basic tricks… then work our way up from there.

10-13yr Olds

12-24 Months

Learns a good range of basic tricks – that can be used across multiple parks and in multiple disciplines of the sport.


(level 4)

Harder stunts, combos, linking tricks together and building runs.  The real challenge is variety, consistency and execution.  Here you need to show that you can do tricks cleanly, in rhythm, straight into more tricks.

13-15yr Olds

24 Months

Learns a more advanced range of tricks and how to link tricks, build runs, flow around skate parks etc.


(Level 5)

By now, you can cruise around any park, you can mix up your tricks, you can visit new parks and not feel overawed.  Athletes will have a good base of skills, you could focus on Park, Bowl, Street – or anything else you want.  This is the equivalent of finishing high-school… How you want to progress from here is up to you.

16yrs +

24 Months +

Ready to ride Am / Open Comps, progress and learn on their own at their own pace however they find the most fun – whether that be competitions or not.


(level 6)

Ramp Master – The highest level we have – and one that can only be qualified for once you are riding in recognised Pro Competitions for your sport. 

18yrs +

Rest of Life

Ready to progress and learn on their own at their own pace however they find the most fun…


Over each term of Ramp School, we'll be working on what specific skills we teach at each level, and tweaking our structure as we go to make it more useful for participants and parents.  We'll also be updating this guide to incorporate gradings and set challenges to progress to each level.

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Overall - we're stoked to be putting this together and we think it will help kids get inspired to continue improving their skills at Skate, Scooter or BMX.

We'd love to know what you think - if you have any feedback about our coaching programs, guides or ideas, please let us know by emailing us at

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