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Rampfest Welcomes Tall Order BMX Gear!

January 25, 2019 2 min read

Rampfest Welcomes Tall Order BMX Gear!

We’re super excited to have Tall Order BMX in stock at Rampfest - and the brand is shaping up to be some what of a game changer in the world of transition riding.

The brainchild of UK ramp riding legend Bas Keep who has pushed the boundaries of transition riding himself well and truly with his Red Bull project  ‘Walls’

“ Tall Order frames and parts will be engineered specifically to be ridden at the highest level on transitions of all types & sizes “ - Bas Keep

Frames coming in a variety of sizes spec wise to suit riders of all sizes has been a big point of difference for these guys with their ‘315’ frame to suit the taller rider coming in with 21.5” - 21.8” top tube lengths, Stable geometry in the backend with a chain stay length of 13.75” & made from Japanese Sanko tubing maintaining sturdy strength with minimal weight.

The ‘187’ Frame however sits at the other end of the spectrum with a tight & responsive feel. Top tube lengths ranging from 19.75” - 20.8” & a lower stand over sitting at 7.4” & a tight rear triangle 12.8” , this frame is designed for the more technical park rider in mind. Making it manoeuvrable (for the tailwhip & spin kings) and light again without compromising strength with Japanese Sanko tubing.

Parts have not been a shortfall from Tall Order either with a range of bars, forks, hubs & other accessories coming in at an affordable price without sacrificing quality. Most notably the “Drone” Cassette hub, With almost instant engagement thanks to the 3 individually sprung pawls & 150 points of engagement to get you cranking as fast as possible at that box jump lip & creating a distinct buzz you’re not going to hear from any other hub on the market. Available in RHD or LHD options.



Check out our Tall Order BMX range here:


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