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RampFest BMX International - UCI C1 Points Event - Results

November 25, 2018 1 min read

RampFest BMX International - UCI C1 Points Event - Results

Yesterday's Rampfest BMX International saw a 13 man field take to the park for the first every C1 Points Event ni Australia.

The contest saw a crazy variety of riding - making the judges day a tough one.  In the end, the podium was made up of 3 hugely different runs.

Brandon Loupos took out the win with some of the biggest tricks linked together we've ever seen.  The highlights included a 1080, Front-Flair, Flip Drop In, Cash Roll and a HUGE barrel roll transfer.

Boyd Hilder took out 2nd place with a diverse and unique run - filled with technical combos and more back-to-back tricks than anyone.  His highlights included a Triple-Truck, One-Handed Cannonball, crazy Wallrides, and a very scary Canadian Nose-Pick on a huge sub-box.

Jason Watts rounded out the podium with his own fast, flowing style - finding lines that no one else even looks at.  His highlights included a massive 360 Lookback transfer, big 270 transfers, Decade Air, Decade to X-up and Down-Whip to footjam - all with his signature style.

Final Results are as follows:

Brandon Loupos 2 91.00 1
Boyd Hilder 4 85.33 2
Jason Watts 1 83.33 3
Chris Nicol 5 81.00 4
Jake Wallwork 2 78.33 5
Sam Gibson 6 75.67 6
Eze Martinez 8 73.33 7
Liam Quinlivan 7 63.33 8
Dean Anderson 9 Qual Score 9
Jack Borthwick 10
Qual Score
Jakeb Dugdell 11
Qual Score
Jaden Chipman 12
Qual Score
Maxim Maximov 13
Qual Score

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