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Gain Protection - Full Restock of Pads!

February 15, 2019 3 min read

Gain Protection - Full Restock of Pads!

Australian (Adelaide) rider owned and innovated extreme sports protection company, Gain Protection, has just had a full drop of new stock hit our shelves.

When it comes to keeping your body protected when out in the park, these guys are the ones leading the field.  Delivering comfort & functionality in one product is no easy feat.

Alongside their solid product line Gain support a stacked team of BMX & Scooter athletes from various corners of the country including Brandon Loupos , Alex Hiam , Ben Thomas, Dante Hutchinson & our very own Alec Danelutti.

Having such a solid base of riders representing the brand not only has boosted recognition within each sport but also gives the brand a solid footing to continue to push protective wear in the right direction with the team being a product testers dream pushing themselves and their equipment to the limit.

Alec Danelutti - wearing Gain Protection Kit at Rampfest

 We just had a huge shipment of gear arrive including some of the following -

Stealth Knee Pads.

These pads are the ideal undergarment knee pad. A super slim design yet functional in way of protection & able to withstand heavy impacts. Featuring a viscoelastic polyurethane sheet foam insert with memory foam effects & impact absorption. Maintaining the comfortable fit they are made of a semi perforated moisture wicking fabric similar to that of a wetsuit trademarked by Gain as their “ Sharkskin “ neoprene these stay breathable and rash resistant even when worn underneath a pair of jeans. As used by Rampfest team rider Alec Danelutti. These pads come in at $75.95 for Kids Sizes & $105.95 for Adults.   

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Shield Knee Pads.

A more modern take on a classic style outerwear knee pad. These guys are great for those riding or skating big ramps or bowls and are likely to to fall and slide some distance on a hardened density plastic outer shell along with an abrasion resistance unparalleled in comparison to other softer plastic pads on the market. A good fit is something that isn’t overlooked by Gain with this model incorporating their signature “ Sharkskin “ neoprene inner to prevent slipping and a snug fit. Available via our web store for $99.95.

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Stealth Shin Guards.

From the ground up Gain stay on top of keeping comfort as much of a priority as protection. With breathable under wear padding options, The Stealth Shin Guards are based around a similar structural base as the Stealth Knee Pad also featuring a Kevlar outer for extra durability against pinned pedals or decks potential to tear them open. Keeping these between your shin and the next incoming impact is a sure wise move.

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New “Solebro” Insoles.

Your feet really are those bearing the brunt of impacts whether it be BMX , Scoot or Skateboarding so to combat those pesky instances of bruised heels and sore foot arches from repeated blows during the session Gain came up with the Sole Bro Insole. Made from AFC viscoelastic polyurethane material these can withstand up to 90% of impact energy that regular insoles simply fail to withstand. Tried and true tested by the Gain Protection team members themselves. In comparison to other “ High Impact Insoles “ out there, These come with a slightly more beefed up design in areas that matter like the inner arch & heel pockets. Grab yourself a pair online or instore for only $35.95.

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