Sam Allen

June 01, 2021 1 min read

Sam Allen - Scooter Rider & Expert at RampFest

Full Name: Samuel Allen

Age: 18

Years Riding: almost four years now

Sport: Scooters

Role at RampFest: Counter Staff / Scooter Shop Assistant

Sam was a long time visitor at RampFest when he started helping out in the shop.  Initially for work experience, Sam was just that good, we decided to keep him around!  He's been helping out with all things scooter-related ever since - whether it's helping out with Scooter Lessons or helping kids fix their grip tape.  

Favourite Melbourne Skate Park (not Rampfest): Waterloo skatepark

Favourite Rider/s?: Jon Dev and Charles Padel

Favourite Video Part/s?: Jon Dev Back east

Favourite RampFest Customer?: Trey and Vern

What do you love about your sport?: the community

What do you do when you aren't riding?: watching anime or reading manga, or hanging out with my non riding mates

Socials: Instagram - @__sallen__

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