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Scooter Coaching at Rampfest

At Rampfest, our Scooter Coaching programs are focused on building basic, fundamental skills that will help you be progress as safely as possible - whether it's at Rampfest, or at your own local skate park.

We believe that by initially focusing on the basics early, you’ll find it easier to learn tricks and more complicated skills down the line - with a lower chance of injury.

Above all, we believe that riding scooters is supposed to be FUN. Our coaches love riding just for the fun of it - and we want you be be as stoked on riding as we are.

Coaching with Jeremy Merrin

Jeremy has just joined the Rampfest team as a specialist scooter coach.  Jeremy is from Melbourne and has over 10 years of scooting knowledge and experience - having started riding scooters at 12 years old, at the very beginning of the sport.

Jeremy quickly progressed to a professional level by age 14 and earned his first sponsorship - by age 17, he was traveling all over Australia to compete in pro competitions!

Fast forward to 2018 -  Jeremy was invited to compete in the Nitro World Games in Paris (the biggest competition in scooters to this day!) due to his skill level in aerial tricks which includes: backflips, front flips and spins.

As a coach, Jeremy has an overall goal to inspire and motivate, however most importantly to teach the younger generation everything he has learned over the years.   He has a true passion for progression and wants to young riders to push their limits step by step.  It is very important to Jeremy that anyone that works with him will see results.

Jeremy has a very upbeat coaching style that is full of positivity and fun - if you want to know a little more about Jeremy and see what he is all about, check him out on these social media platforms:

Instagram: @Jeremy___Merrin

Youtube: Jeremy Merrin


Scooter Coaching Options




Scooter Coaching Guide 

At Rampfest, we've develoved our own progression guide and grading system to help young riders (and their parents) see progress easily.  Much like Gymnastics or Martial Arts, each skill level has specific skills to learn, practice and be tested on.

The overall goal of our programs is to develop your skills enough that you can progress safely on your own, and continue to enjoy Scooter Riding at any skate park, in any style. 



Key Skill to Learn

Progression Test

Newbie (Level 0)

You’ve never been on a Skate Park before… this is all new to you!  Time to get started on your journey to rad-ness.

·       How to roll

·       Stance

·       How to turn

·       How to Stop

·       Skate Park Safety

·       Balance – weight movement

·       Bunny Hop

Flat Ground Skills Test

Rookie (Level 1)

You know what a skate park is… and the basics of how they work.  You know how to roll and turn.  Time to start using some Ramps.

·       Drop In

·       Fly out

·       Carve Ramps

·       Pump the Ramps

·       Basic Air’ing

Drop in a coping & no coping ramp (4ft)

Fly Out of the Long & Low

Pump the Bowl both ways for speed

Link 4x Airs back to back in the bowl or half pipe

Grom (Level 2)

You’ve got the basics covered on the ramps – time to start using them how they are meant to be used!  Hitting the jumps, landings and airing the quarters is where the real fun begins…

·       Jump to Landings

·       Jump Hips

·       Over Coping Airs

·       Jump Box’s

·       Opposite Airs / Hips

Jump the Spox

Jump the Stepup

Air above coping

Jump Hips both ways above coping

Jump the Resi Box

Apprentice (Level 3)

Stunts… tricks… maneuverers.  Whatever you want to call them, we all want to be able to do cool stuff on the park. 

Here we start to step above just using the ramps, and really showing our style and skill.  We start with basic tricks… then work our way up from there.

·       360’s

·       Barspins

·       No Footers

·       Tailwhip

·       Turndowns

·       No Handers

·       Deck grab

·       Opposite barspin

·       Heel whip

Must be able to do any 5x tricks from the list of “Level 3” tricks. 


Instructor will call them at random in the test… you get 2x goes at each trick, and only 1x Pass.

Expert (level 4)

Harder stunts, combos, linking tricks together.  You’re well on your way to Ramp Master, but the journey is not over.  The real challenge is variety, consistency and execution.  Here you need to show that you can do tricks cleanly, in rhythm, straight into more tricks – the final Test to become a Ramp Master…

·       Bri flip

·       360 combo

·       Finger whip

·       Superman

·       Tailwhip Barspin

·       Tricks on Obstacles…

·       Linking Tricks together

Plus, putting together a run – of different tricks, all above coping, all consistent in one go.

1min Run – no foot down, all different tricks on different obstacles, no fly out, all above coping or at an “expert” level that would serve you in an Am Comp.

You get 2x attempts to put it together p/grading attempt…

Master (level 5)

Congratulations – you’ve made it to Ramp Master, but the path does not end here… the real Master understand that you can never stop learning or progressing.  By now, you can cruise around any park, you can mix up your tricks, you can visit new parks and not feel overawed, you can ride competitions and not be nervous about your skills.  The ramp world is now your oyster and you can continue to push your limits in whatever way feels fun for you.