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Lockdown 6 is Lifting... When is RampFest Opening?

October 21, 2021 3 min read

BMX Rider at RampFest Indoor Skate Park

We're sure that you're all as stoked as we are that lockdown six is finally coming to an end!  This week, we've been getting flooded with questions about when we can re-open... so we wanted to help everyone out and answer all your questions in the one place.  Let's Go!


1.  When can I come ride / skate / scoot at RampFest again?

We believe that we'll be able to reopen from the 5th of November.  This was the date originally talked about for the 80% vaccination target and we appear to be ahead of schedule.... so while we're not 100% sure just yet (who is!), we're pretty confident that this will be it.

You can now book into any regular Skate Park Session or Birthday Party from this date onwards.

Skate Park Sessions will be running on our regular timetable.  

See Session Timetable


2.  What's happening with School Holidays?

During the school holidays, our timetable will be changing slightly - with more sessions available and opening at 9am daily.  School Holiday Sessions are available for booking now - starting from Monday, 20th of December.

Ramp Camp programs will also be running during the school holidays. Ramp Camp is perfect for kids aged 6-14 who are stoked on the skate park and keen to ride all day long.  They'll meet new riding buddies, hang out with the RampFest Hosts and play a heap of awesome skate park games & challenges.

Ramp Camp Tickets start from $74.95 for a single day, and can be booked in 1, 3, 4, or 5 day blocks. 

Tickets for Ramp Camp are on sale now.

See Ramp Camp Dates & Tickets


3.  What about Coaching Programs & Ramp School?

For everyone who has already bought a ticket for a Ramp School Coaching Term, you'll be contacted directly about these very soon.  We'll be organising catch up classes or class credits for everyone.

We're still finalising our coaching schedule for when we reopen and these programs will be on sale ASAP.  Please stay tuned and thanks for your patience.

As soon as this is scheduled, you'll be able to book in online for Skate, Scooter or BMX Lessons.


4.  Is the retail shop open?

YES!  Our retail shop is currently open for click and collect and will be back open on the same date that the skate park reopens - again, we're assuming this will be the 5th of November. 

Until then, you can check out our entire range of Skateboard, Scooter & BMX Gear online.


5.  Do I need to be Vaccinated to visit RampFest?

Like all businesses, RampFest will be operating under the Vic State Gov rules.  This means that (at the time of this writing), anyone over 16 will need to be vaccinated to visit RampFest (and check in with your app).

If you're under 16, you do not need to be vaccinated and we believe that unvaccinated parents are allowed to drop off / pick up their kids, just not stay in the venue.

Now, we know this is a hot topic, but please remember, we didn't make the rules, and regardless of your personal opinion, there is no excuse to be rude to our staff who are just doing their best.  

Young BMX Rider Jumping out of the long'n'low at RampFest Indoor Skate Park



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