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Logan Martin Wins GOLD - Mens Olympic Freestyle BMX

August 01, 2021 3 min read

While the Womens Competition had the ultimate underdog story (and it was great TV), we are shamelessly biased and wanted none of that for the Mens.  Logan Martin was top qualifier and red-hot favourite for the first Freestyle BMX Olympic Gold, and we wanted to see him seal a historic win.  But the other riders were never going to make it easy... 

Nick Bruce did his best, but ultimately he really couldn't ride anywhere near his potential thanks to a shoulder injury in practice.  He dropped in, but his runs were basically for fun - he came in 9th place.

His compatriot, Justin Dowell started strong in both runs... linking lots of tricks together, but crashes in both his runs cost him a chance to the podium and finished in 8th.


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Declan Brooks came out swinging after taking it easy yesterday - double flips, front flips, corked 720s, - he dropped an 89 to take an early lead.

Irek Rizaev & Anthony Jeanjean put in solid runs with decent scores between 78 - 85,  scores, but nothing to really challenge the podium.

Daniel Dhers contined his strong start from Seeding, landing the first 90-pt run of the day to jump above Brooks on first run scores.

Rimu Nakamura dropped in 2nd last and started strong in run one, but a foot touch robbed him of a top spot.  Then... it was time for the Logan Show.

Logan Martin picked up where he left off yesterday - 720 Bar, triple whips both ways, flair whip, transfers all over the park - all at speed and smoother than everyone.  His score dropped and it was a 93.  And he still hadn't bought out his biggest tricks!!! He was on top, and everyone had to play catch up.

As everyones 2nd runs dropped, the nerves at home were real.  Watching every score come in under 93 was a step closer to Gold for Logan.  There was a bit of a movement on the podium - Declan tidied up his first run to bump Dhers back to Bronze... then Dhers answers back and reclaimed the sliver medal position.  Kenneth made the podium sweat with a 90.3 - just behind the Declan's score of 90.5.

But no one touched Logan... and then Rimu was the last person left... The only man who could stop the Aussie Gold.  Rimu improved his first run score, but it wasn't enough - an 85 flashed on screen and that was it.  Logan had won (and we went wild at home)!

He still had one more run, which was basically a victory lap at this point, and just for fun, he dropped in and pulled a clean Front-Bike Flip - the biggest trick of the comp - just to really put sign off on how dominant this win was.  On the biggest stage, he only needed one run - his "safety run" as he called in during a post comp interview - to walk away with the Olympic Gold Medal.

What a day!

Freestyle BMX Tokyo 2020 Olympic Results - Mens

1.  Logan Martin - 93.30

2.  Daniel Dhers - 92.05

3.  Declan Brooks - 90.80

4.  Kenneth Tennico - 90.50

5.  Rimu Nakamura - 85.10

6. Irek Rizaev - 82.40

7.  Anthony Jeanjean - 78.20

8.  Justin Dowell - 44.60

9.  Nick Bruce - 24.60

You can find the full results and run scores on the Olympic Site.

And seriously, we recommend you re-watch the action on 7Plus App - it's just too good.

One Last Thing

On a personal note, we are so immensely proud of Logan Martin - he's not just a great bike rider, he's a top bloke and one of the most dedicated athletes you'll ever meet.  

He did his sport, his country and everyone who's ever ridden a bike with him proud today.  We can't wait to have him back at RampFest - and hopefully he'll bring that medal so we can all check it out.


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