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Lockdown 2.0 - Deja Vu at RampFest

July 08, 2020 1 min read

Lockdown 2.0 - Deja Vu at RampFest

Well... here we are again. Feels like Deja-Vu right... We've been open for 16x days, and now we're back to being closed for another 6 weeks.

We are beyond disappointed at this, and we're sure many of you feel the same way. As of Midnight tonight (July 8th), RampFest will once again, be closing due to the Covid-19 restrictions.

Today's sessions will go ahead as planned, and if you have an upcoming booking, please hang tight, we'll contact everyone as quickly as possible.

Once again, let's all do our bit to make sure that this really is the last lockdown. We're all in this together and no one wants to have someone close to them get sick. As we said last time, our whole team is committed to bringing RampFest through this tough time and bouncing back better than ever. And a huge thanks to our loyal friends, fans, and fellow riders / skaters / scooter'ers for your ongoing support.

For today, all our sessions sold out pretty fast, so we've opened one final Pre-Lockdown Session from 9pm - 11:55pm.  Bookings are open for this now.

Until then, stay safe & healthy - and thank you all so much for the support you've given RampFest!

We'll be posting updates throughout this lockdown period as we get more information from the Government.

Chris, Ravine and the whole team at RampFest


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