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Big Changes at Rampfest!

March 06, 2019 5 min read

Big Changes at Rampfest!

Update - Friday 29th of March

Well, the new park setup is really coming along now!  The final touches are being put on the last big pocket this week to complete the bowl.  The last pocket will be the biggest section - going up to 10ft and vert, before pocketing back down to 7ft and finishing beside the bowl roll-in.

If you've been in during the last couple of weeks, you'd have seen that most of the park is now open - and there are some serious transfer lines from the bowl to roll in!

Some other exciting features of the new setup are:

  • 8ft hip in the bowl
  • Big mellow roll in across the whole park - letting you hit the box / spox without cutting through the bowl
  • Wider main roll in - you can now hit the resi more easily
  • More deck space throughout the whole bowl / park

With all these new transfers and ramps, we'll be making some changes to our session schedule and park setup for different sessions.  You can read more about this here:  NEW PARK SESSION & PRICING STRUCTURE

As we're sure you can tell - this has been a massive project.  The team that has been building has outdone themselves - we have literally completed a month's work in under a couple of weeks.  The dedication has been unreal and a real testament to the Rampfest Community coming together.  With that in mind, we want to give a big thanks to:

Jason Watts (lead builder), Jake Wallwork, Harrison Fuller, Harrison Sealy, Baz, Moe, Ravine Kelly, Liam Joyce, Jon Kearns, Benny Philips, Will Nothrop, Henry Parsons, Mitch Warne, Bailey Dyson, Ryan Monument, Ash McKenzie & Andrew Mini Ahumada.

These guys have made this happen - so make sure you give them a high-5 if you see them enjoying the fruits of their labour!



UPDATE - Sunday 17th of March

Since we announced our major rebuild a couple of weeks ago, we're stoked to see so many people enjoying the first stage - our new hip into the 6ft bowl.  But this is only the beginning!  Starting Monday morning we'll be taking on the much bigger part of the job.  We'll be taking apart the current 8ft hip, the 10ft vert quarter, the bank and part of the roll in to start installing our new sections.

We'll be keeping everyone posted with daily updates via Facebook and Instagram, and everyone should be getting excited - because we're planning to be back open and ready to ride by next weekends (Saturday 23rd of March).  Read on to see the full design... 

This weekly the majority of the park will be CLOSED from Monday to Friday.  The Foam Pit, Resi, Outdoor Area and Spox will still be open and ridable though.  All week is just $10 Entries for anyone who wants to ride these sections.


What's Coming at Rampfest - (published 6th March 2019)

If you've been to Rampfest anytime in the last 6-months, you might have heard the rumours about a major park update flying around... Well, we're pleased to let you know that they aren't just rumours!  In the last week, we've started our biggest ever park update - spearheaded by our mate Jason Watts.

The upgrade is going to give the park new lines, new options and make it easier to ride for more people at once.  We've been hearing a lot of people asking what exactly we're building, so we thought we'd give you a quick run down.

 Current Layout

New Layout

So What's New?

Well, quite a lot as you can see!  Basically, we'll be creating a closed in L-Shaped Bowl - the bowl will include:

  • 6ft Hip - Same transition as our current bowl, you'll now be able to blast out at 90 degrees and transfer around - good times!
  • 8ft Hip - the same as our current 8ft no-coping hip, but much wider, with easy approach on both sides.  Plus, it flows back in to the main bowl.
  • Enclosed Bowl- Yep, lots of space to pump now, with closed in corners the whole way, you'll be able to fly around this thing and not cross paths with the rest of the park!
  • Kids Roller Entry - if you're not up to dropping in just yet - there will be an easy roller entry to the bowl and you'll be able to practice all the pumping and carving around.
  • More deck space - Space is limited in our current park - so this design gives us back more room for people to hang out while they wait for their turn.
  • 6ft Bowl-to-Bank Transfer - One of the big design features will be that you can blast from the bowl, into the extended roll in - which will flow straight into the current box jump - making a killer rhythm section for the Pro's

This will obviously change how the park rides - with the biggest change being that you no longer need to cut through the bowl to hit the box jump - you can start on the deck and hit it from the new roll in.  This will be great for when the session gets busy and people want to ride different sections - and it will make it way easier for Scooters or Skaters to get speed for it.

With the Bowl-to-Bank Transfer, we'll be hosting certain sessions during the week where this transfer is open and closed - to ensure we cater to all our different users. For example, during Bike Night, the transfer will be open, so people will be cutting through the bowl.  On Skate Nights, it will be closed so people can hit the bowl without any cut throughs.

When Will it be Finished?

Work has already begun - and we're planning to have the whole project done by the end of March.  We'll be working in sections, so the rest of the park can still be ridden during most of the build.

The week of the 18th - 23rd of March will be biggest single week - and we'll be closing about 75% of the Park from Monday - Friday to do the major works.  For the whole week, you can still ride the foam pit and resi section + outside.


What are we getting rid of?

Unfortunately, any major re-build has some casualties and some old ramps that need to make way... so here is what we're removing as a part of this:

The Spine - although we do love a spine in general, we couldn't come up with a way to keep it, and keep the flow of the park.  So the Spine is getting the cut...

The 10ft Vert Quarter - While it is fun, it didn't really add to the flow of the park and really isn't used by many people...  So again, the vert quarter will be no more.

The Bank (between the Bowl and the 10ft Qtr) - Another seriously underused feature in the park - it really doesn't link into anything now, so again, it's cut!

Overall, we're super confident that this will be a massive improvement to the park and how people are able to use the area.  We can't wait to see the new lines and transfers people come up with... 

We'll be announcing a New Park Jam soon too... stay tuned! 


Article by:

Chris Bierton


Rampfest Owner / BMX Rider

Em:  Chris@Rampfest.com.au

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