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Coaching At Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

April 02, 2022 4 min read

Coaching At Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

What do you really know about action sports?

Our team of expert coaches have been around action sports for longer than most of their students have been alive! These coaches have been developing the perfect coaching program for years, and we believe that we have absolutely nailed it! 

With 8 week term coachingduring the week, a 4 week rotating casual programs on the weekend, and private coaching, you're sure to find a session that meets your needs! Read on for more information...


 Skaters learn a "Primo Stand" on the outdoor halfpipe at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

Our Coaching Levels

We offer coaching for BMX, Skateboarding, Scootering and Quad Skating. These sessions are broken down into 4 different categories to suit every rider's needs -

First Timer -

This session is aimed at participants who have NEVER used a skateboard, scooter, BMX or Quad Skates. The coaching program focuses on learning the absolute basics of riding: balance, pushing, turning and stopping.

Beginner -

This session is aimed at participants who are brand new to skatepark and transition riding. The program focuses on learning the basics of transition riding and getting comfortable going fast and being around ramps. Examples of what you will learn in the level include: rolling down ramps, dropping in, very basic tricks, pumping and maintaining speed.

Intermediate -

This session is aimed at participants who are confident in a skatepark, can already comfortably ride big obstacles and are ready to start learning more difficult tricks. This level is not recommended for participants who have not been to Rampfest before. In this level participants will learn more advanced tricks that will test their commitment and force them to push themselves physically and mentally towards becoming a truly advanced rider.

Advanced - 

This session is aimed at the best of the best students. A student must be either invited to this session by their coach or brought in under special considerations. In this level a student will learn everything they will need to know in order to be successful in professional level competitions. For enquiries about this level please reach out to us through email.


 Coaching Options

At Rampfest we offer two different coaching options. These options are our 8 week term coaching program, or our casual weekend lessons. 

Term Coaching Program

Our Term Coaching Program uses our top of the line progression system, focusing on giving the students a tangible goal to work towards at every step. This program has been developed by our coaches through years of coaching experience. 

The Term Coaching Program runs on weeknights over 8 weeks throughout the school term. Week 1 is always an assessment day, this is to ensure that we can put our students into a class that reflects their skill level. After week 8 we hold a progression session. This is the equivalent to a grading in Karate or Gymnastics. Our students show off what they have learnt throughout the term with the hopes of moving up to the next level. We hold a presentation ceremony at the end of the night, giving the students who progress a real sense of achievement.

Our timetable for this program is as follows:

Any new student will receive a FREE TRIAL LESSON. This is limited to 1 session per student.

There are no casual positions in our Term Coaching Program.

Casual Weekend Coaching

Our casual weekend coaching is now on a 4 week rotating cycle! This cycle will include a different program for each week, focusing on different skills that have been pre-prepared by our coaches. 

The 4 different weekly lessons are:

Week 1 - Bowl

This week focuses entirely on bowl riding. This includes pumping, carving, airing and lip tricks. Each student will finish this class with a better understanding of bowl lines and skills.

Week 2 - Street

Week 2 is primarily all about street riding. The skills involved include flat ground tricks, grinding and technical tricks close to the ground. Students will get a better feel for riding on the flat ground, and learn some tricks that they will be able to practice at home on the driveway.

Week 3 - Box Jump

Week 3 is all about the box jumps. This high intensity week will have students learning to jump, in air control, and big tricks. Participants will leave with a better understanding of jumping technique, and feel more comfortable going fast and high.

Week 4 - Combination 

Week 4 is a combination of tricks that don't quite fit into the other categories. This includes tricks that span across multiple categories or obstacles that don't fit into any. Students will have a variety of different obstacles and tricks to achieve in this lesson, allowing for progressing through variety and individual riding style.


Private Coaching

Our private coaching is exactly what it sounds like, you get one of our expert coaches all to yourself to learn whatever you desire! This could be a specific trick you have been struggling with, a line you might want to try or even something as simple as expert guidance on something easy! 


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