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10 Skateparks in Melbourne to Visit These School Holidays

December 20, 2021 6 min read

10 Skateparks in Melbourne to Visit These School Holidays

Skateparks in Melbourne are plentiful. With so many to choose from, you could visit a new spot every day of the school holidays. To make things a little easier for those driving and maybe help reduce the workload, we’ve compiled a list, with the help of SkaterMaps, of 10 skateparks in Melbourne you should visit these school holidays.

In no particular order, let us begin…

rampfest indoor skatepark

Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

47 Hillary St, Braybrook VIC 3019

Of course we'd love you to visit us at RampFest, so we might as well kick off here.  Undergoing a massive redevelopment in recent years thanks to the legends at Universal Ramps, Rampfest Indoor Skatepark is a real ‘one-stop-spot’. Not only do we have a huge selection of ramps of varying sizes that cater to all skill levels, we’re most proud of the range of athlete development tools on offer. From the foam pit, ‘resi’ ramps and full scale ramps, right down to the one-on-one lessons & group coaching courses.  During the school holidays, we also run daily "Ramp Camps" - where parents can drop off the kids for a full day of supervised skate park fun. Add to that our full retail store & canteen and we do our best to make you safe, fed and well prepared for action sports.

RampFest Indoor Skate Park has had a fresh facelift by designing and constructing one of Greater Melbourne’s best bowls. The private skatepark is located in Braybrook and is one of only a few undercover skateparks in Melbourne where we can keep having fun whilst it rains.

More at SkaterMaps


epping skatepark melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Epping Skate Park

146 McDonalds Rd, Epping VIC 3076

Epping is massive. While it’s not exactly close, it is totally worth the trip. The main bowl has about a foot of vert and is one of the gnarliest things to ride but in recent years, a few extensions have been added. Organise a crew & head to Epping Skatepark.

More at SkaterMaps

“Epping Skatepark is a monster of a park initially built by Convic Skateparks, but has since been extended with a new bowl thanks to a collaboration between Independent Concrete Constructions and Grind Projects.


hoppers crossing skatepark melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Hoppers Crossing Skatepark

130 Heaths Rd, Hoppers Crossing VIC 3029

The skate park at Hoppers Crossing is always a great time. A great selection of ramps, ledges and bowls for riders & skaters of all skill levels makes this a must go-to for everyone. Fairly popular, school holidays can be busy but there’s always a chance for your turn, just drop in and check it out!

More at SkaterMaps

“Hoppers Crossing Skatepark is also referred to as Mossfiel Skate Park and can be found in Mossfiel Reserve, Hoppers Crossing. The large concrete skatepark offers skaters a huge variety of features to hit. Once upon a time there used to be a huge steel vert ramp, however has been taken down and replaced with epic concrete bowls.”


knox skatepark - best skatepark in melbourne

Knox Skatepark

Lewis Road, Wantirna Sth

There’s two skate parks that try to claim the name, ‘Knox Skatepark’ but only one is the true Knox. As one of Melbourne’s oldest skateparks, Knox Bowl just off Lewis Road in Wantirna is the true Knox Skatepark. Many of Melbourne’s big name skaters & BMX’rs grew up here and developed an incredible ability to ride almost anything with thanks to the certain quirks that Knox is known for. Definitely worth a trip to visit this gem of a skate park. Knox is also the home of Rampfest favourite, Knox Dave.

More at SkaterMaps

Knox Skatepark is located off Lewis Road, Wantirna, Vic. The skatepark is in the middle of Lewis Park and has various features and obstacles to entertain any skateboarder. The snake run is among the first of its kind and is a little sketchy to skate.”


meadow heights skatepark melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Meadow Heights Skatepark

19 Buchan St, Meadow Heights VIC 3048

This is the sort of place you want to see a rider like Kai Moody boost around. The bowl is deep, full of lines and has an abundance of flow. Word of advice from a few years though, take a broom. There’s been some upgrades that could change that but yeah, there’s often broken glass in the bowl. Still totally worth it though.

More at SkateMaps

Meadow Heights Skatepark has one of Melbourne’s best skate bowls. The relatively new skate bowl (early 2010’s) has replaced the pre-existing half pipe in the centre of Buchan Street Reserve. Meadow Heights Skatepark was designed by our friends at Convic Skateparks and built by the hard working team at Precision Skate Parks.” 


newport skatepark melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Newport Skatepark

North Rd & Douglas Parade, Newport VIC 3015

Newport Skatepark is nice & basic but offers plenty to ride & skate. Plenty of flow in the bowl with a few great transfers to boost. Yeah, sick bro.

More at SkaterMaps

The park is super smooth, well maintained by the Hobsons Bay City Council, and features a fairly mellow kidney bowl, a series of various sized quarter pipes, trannied sections, stairs, drop offs, roll ins a banked hip as well as a see-saw manual pad. The park can get busy, especially on weekends, but that’s to be expected of a park of this caliber.”


noble park skate park melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Noble Park Skatepark

Memorial Dr, Noble Park VIC 3174

Visible from the train line as you head out from Melbourne & slow down for the Noble Park train station, this place looks amazing. Huge 11 foot bowl complete with nicely done pool coping, a large street section with banks, ledges, rails and tight quarters and a very photogenic snake-run style flow bowl. This place just hits all the right spots.

More at SkaterMaps

Noble Park Skatepark is one of Victoria’s premier skateparks with a huge 11 foot vert bowl, snake run, multiple ledges and everything else you could want.


prahran Skatepark melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Prahran Skatepark

288 Malvern Rd, Prahran VIC 3181

Prahran is most famous for the vert ramp. This thing has been around for decades and has played host to some of Australia’s & the worlds biggest name skaters & BMX riders. Now with an equally impressive smaller ramp behind plus the addition of street style park behind, Prahran skate park is an absolute must visit these school holidays.

More at SkaterMaps

Prahran Skatepark is on Essex St, Prahran, Victoria (opposite the Commission Flats) just a skate away from Prahran train station. Prahran was built in the middle of the vert ramp phase and is one of only a few iconic steel ramps left in Melbourne and is undoubtedly its best!


ringwood skatepark melbourne - best skatepark in melbourne

Ringwood Skatepark

Seymour St, Ringwood Vic 3134

While the bowl at Ringwood skatepark may lack depth diversity, it certainly does not lack in good times. There’s something for everyone at Ringwood skatepark. While the kids enjoy the park with all its quarters, killer bowl, ledges and rails, Eastland Shopping Centre is just a quick stroll away so parents can take their kids here over the school holidays or the weekend and go sip some lattes.

More at SkaterMaps

The Skatepark is a pretty rad setup with a nice smooth 6 ft deep bowl with two nice hips and metal coping. Just a bit of a shame about the uniform depth/lack of extensions. The rest of the park is a street style setup laid out in a runway. It features quarters, banks, ledges, manual pads, ledges, rail and wall ride. Off below the bowl the Skatepark also has a couple of stair sections including a 7 stair with down rail and hubbas and a four stair with much mellower down rail.


melbourne's riverslide skatepark (riverside skatepark melbourne) - best skatepark in melbourne

Riverslide Skatepark

Boathouse Dr, Melbourne VIC 3004

You’d struggle to find a better spot for a skatepark in Melbourne than where the Riverslide Skatepark is. Right next to the Yarra River with the Arts Centre, Federation Square and the rest of the Melbourne skyline as the back drop, it’s hard to get a bad photograph here. Regularly supervised and well lit into the evening, this skate park is a fantastic way to spend a day.

More at SkaterMaps

Riverslide Skatepark (AKA Riverside) is a premium street style Skatepark located right in Melbourne’s CBD in Boathouse Drive, Alexandra Gardens, on the south bank of the Yarra.


taylors hill - best skatepark in melbourne


Taylors Hill Skatepark

Calder Park Dr, Taylors Hill VIC 3037

Another skatepark with a great bowl for flow but be mindful that parts are narrow and avoiding collisions in the street section can be tough. Otherwise, Taylors Hill skatepark is surely on the list for places to visit this school holidays.

More info at SkaterMaps

Taylors Hill Skatepark is found on Calder Park Dr, Taylors Hill, Victoria. Featuring two awesome skate bowls the new skate park built by Convic is definitely worth checking out!


This is such a small selection of skateparks in Melbourne but a few that we think are worth visiting these school holidays. Obviously the number one skate park in Melbourne to visit would be Rampfest Indoor Skatepark, of course. We’re proud to not only offer a world class action sports venue but also trained professionals to help coach, guide & care for anyone who walks through our doors. We'd love you to check out the huge range of coaching programs, school holiday programs, birthday parties and membership options we have.

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