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Park Features

Rampfest is over 1000 square metres of skate park.  The ramps are plywood surfaced and we have a complete floating floor - giving you an un-matched riding feel.  We've got something for every level of rider.

Box Jump & Spox

The Box Jump and the Spox our some of our favourite features.  

Our Box Jump is 6ft Tall and 12ft long - and its ideal for blasting over at top speed.  You can go pretty damn high on this thing - it's one of the biggest Box Jumps in Aus!

The Spox is a smaller, more beginner version of the Box Jump - same take off, same landing, but only 1ft long - ideal for teaching basic jumping technique and learning new tricks.

Bowl, Quarters & Hips

Our 6ft tall horse-shoe bowl is fast and fun - with steel coping all the way, a 7-ft extension & street-spine transfer, there are lines for days!

The bowl also links into a nice big quarter-quarter hip - ideal for some of the more advanced riders!

Along with the bowl, there is a variety of other quarter pipes around the whole park - randing froma 10ft Vert Quarter, to a 3ft fly out - plenty of options for everyone!

Foam Pit & Resi

If you're working on a new trick, the best place to start is probably the Foam Pit.  With a big roll in, speed isn't the problem - you can go big and land soft - with LESS (not zero) risk of hurting yourself!

Once you've got that stunt mastered into Foam, the Resi will help you progress.  The Resi Landings and foam based, with a smooth rubber sheeting on top - you can roll away, but you won't lose all your skin if you fall.  

But fair warning - Foam Pit's and Resi landings DO NOT make you bullet-proof - they help you progress - you should still only attempt tricks within your ability (backflips on the first day are a big No-No - take it slow - there is plenty of time!).

Mini Ramp

The mini Ramp is, well, mini.  3ft Tall, mellow transition and fun - that's all it is.  Perfect for beginners to learn basic skills like dropping in, pumping, carving etc.  Also - super fun to Skate for any level!

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