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Mini-Shredders Mini Ramp Competition

March 14, 2022 2 min read

Mini-Shredders Mini Ramp Competition

Have you tried out our new mini-ramp yet? We have and we absolutely love it! To celebrate the end of construction on this mega little ramp, we are holding a competition with a brand new format to break it in! Continue below for more information!

The Ramp

The mini ramp is approximately 3 and a half feet tall. Perfect size to send crazy technical tricks and not be stressed about hurting yourself or falling a long way when things go wrong. With 12ft of coping lined quarterpipe on either side, plus an extra 4ft of roll in giving the ramp a total of 16ft of deck space, you're unlikely to run out of room doing airs, grinds or super technical combos on the deck. 

This Skatelite sheeted mini-ramp is FAST, FUN and cool as hell to ride! Even if you're just a beginner, this competition is going to be fantastic to watch!


The Competition

This mini-ramp comp is going to be run with a brand new (to us) formula! Each rider will receive 2 x 30 seconds runs to put their best foot forward, being judged on their fluidity, amplitude, the difficulty of their tricks, originality and variation. Each rider will then get 5 attempts at a best trick. This can be a trick of their choosing, granting them a score out of 10. 

The lowest scoring run (or trick) will be dropped from each rider's score, then the left over 2 runs will be averaged to give them a grand score. This score is what will be weighed against every other rider, rewarding consistency and technicality.


Criteria Breakdown

  • Fluidity / Flow

This is all about how well you get around the area. If you look lost during your run, you will lose points. Be confident and show the judges that you know what you are doing and where you are going and you will ace this area!

  • Amplitude

This one is easy, go fast and go high! The higher a rider goes, the more points they will score in this category. It is difficult to go high on a mini-ramp, so speed will also be considered in this area.

  • Difficulty

Another easy one to distinguish from other criteria. Our judges know what tricks are hard and what tricks are easy, they have been riding their respective vehicles for longer than most of our young riders have been alive! Show consistency with some of the hardest tricks in the game and you'll be sure to get the judge's approval!

  • Originality

If there is one thing that judges don't want to see, it's a whole field of competitors doing the exact same tricks! Do something unique, stand out from the crowd and you'll be sure to catch their attention! 

  • Variation

Barspins and Tailwhips are cool, but if you fill a run with just bars and whips then the judges are sure to lose interest really fast. Add some variation to your run and keep the judges on their toes to score well in this category!



*Schedule is subject to change closer to the event date

  • 12:00pm - Scoot
  • 01:30pm - BMX
  • 03:00pm - Skate
  • 04:00pm - Quad Skate


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