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Mid-Term RampSchool Coaching Review

March 09, 2022 6 min read

Mid-Term RampSchool Coaching Review

Can you believe it!? We're already half way through our coaching term! We certainly cannot believe it, but time really does fly when you're having fun, and we have been having an absolute blast this term with our current coaching crew! 

Our participants for term 1 have made huge leaps and bounds in the first 4 weeks of our coaching term. We have had some students absolutely excel and move up classes and we have had some big slams! We thought it was about time to do a review and see what has really been happening in these classes!


 A rider does a bri flip on his scooter on the long and low at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

Tuesday Scooters


Our Beginner scooter classes focus on the fundamentals of scooter control and comfort. Starting out with feeling comfortable and confident on the ground, we then turn up the heat and take it to the ramps. Learning to drop in and fly out are the first skills in a variety of different tricks that our scooter students can use to help them understand the basics of scootering. 

A prime example of a few students who have taken our program by storm this term are brothers Bran and Layne. These boys were really struggling with confidence on their scooters at our assessment day at the start of this term. Since then, 4 weeks in, both boys are dropping in on some of our biggest ramps and getting ready to potentially head on into the Intermediate classes at the end of this term.

Our beginners have been working on flying out (jumping) on the long and low, a special ramp at Rampfest that is small enough to not evoke fear in our students. Whilst most kids can already jump, being comfortable keeping your feet on the scooter, landing and rolling away are skills which need constant work. Commitment and confidence really are the key to success in this level, along with riding the scooter as much as possible. The more you ride, the less scary it becomes!



Intermediate scooter classes are where things start to get a bit crazy! We have learned all of the basics, now it's time to put ourselves to the test and try some tricks! Our intermediate level 1 participants have been working on their bowl work. This includes pumping and retaining speed around the bowl, lip tricks like feebles, and a broad variety of airs and flyout tricks. 

The step from Beginner 3 to Intermediate 1 is huge. The intermediate classes are much harder, scarier and aim to get the participants ready for lower level ASA competition riding. These riders will be the ones to watch in any of our upcoming competitions and we're excited to watch them continue their progression!


BMX student Zach Hutton jumps the hip in the bowl at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

Thursday BMX


Our Beginner BMX class is aimed towards kids who have just learned to drop in. By the end of beginner 3 you'll have the skills and ability to do 180's, big bunny hops and countless other fundamental BMX basics. 

BMX in the early stages is fraught with danger. Bikes are hard to get away from when things go wrong, and it is easy to end up in a tangled mess on the ground at the end of a heavy crash. Because of this, progress through the early levels of BMX can be very scary and very difficult.

This is shown in multitudes by our Beginner level 2 rider Archie. Over the last 2 weeks Archie has crashed more times than any other rider in our program, however he has shown the tenacity to continue to push himself and his fellow riders to do the unimaginable, recently completing his first EVER fly-out on our largest box jump.

Beginner riders have been pushing themselves over the last few weeks to start doing some basic tricks. Whilst the tricks are basic, the fundamental skills and control these tricks will bring to each rider will be an asset to continued progression and skill building.



Our intermediate BMX class is aimed specifically towards riders who can do basic tricks and are ready to start learning harder, more dangerous tricks in a more controlled environment.

Our early intermediate students are currently trying to figure out spins and some technical manoeuvres on their bikes. A lot of the learning curve for these riders is commitment. In the early levels you could get away with half trying a trick and not crashing, in the upcoming levels our riders will need to show a level of commitment that surpasses any that they may have needed in the past. 

A strong contender for our most committed rider is Gus. We first opened our doors here at Rampfest 3 years before Gus was born. Scraping in at just over 9 years old, Gus is one of our youngest students, yet he has shown an unbelievable amount of bravery and commitment since he started coaching with us last year. Gus only has one gear and that is full speed ahead, and we would like to encourage our young riders to mimic this as closely as they can!

Our intermediates are absolutely killing it this term and we can't wait to see how much further they can push themselves before our progression session at the end of the term!



We only have one participant in advanced this term and his riding will show you why. Our advanced classes focus mostly on competition preparation, high level tricks and maximum commitment. 

Seb, our sole advanced rider, has big aspirations of competing in this year's Victorian State Titles and the Australian National Titles, both being held here at Rampfest later in the year. Changing your riding style from a focus on fun and progression to a focus on consistency and performance, whilst still attempting some of the wildest tricks in BMX is a huge ask of any rider. However, Seb has grasped this challenge with both hands and has worked hard all term to prove his ability to switch mindsets and succeed.

Advanced training is not for the faint of heart, and Seb has shown us that he has what it takes to get to the big leagues in BMX.


Skate students in a lesson on our outdoor halfpipe at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

Wednesday - Friday Skate

First Timer Class

Our First Timer skate classes are super-simple. We focus on having fun on our boards whilst learning how to push, balance and turn. This class is available for all age groups, however we are sure that after a week or two you'll be ready for the beginner class! 


Our beginner skate classes this term have kicked off with a strong showing from our students. This term our classes focus on carving, dropping in and getting comfortable on the board. Skateboarding can be extremely scary to learn when you are just starting out, and all of our students have show a level bravery and commitment that we rarely see in our early level classes!

This level of bravery and commitment has been shown early on by Friday riders Nelson, Evelynne, Austin and Adele have all moved up from Beginner to Intermediate within the first 3 weeks of class! These riders have ticked the correct boxes and excelled within their classes, showing that they are ready to go to the big league!



Intermediate skate, once again, is a massive step up from beginner skate. To get to this level you need to show a complete level of control over your skateboard and be comfortable going fast and trying new tricks. So far our intermediates have been working on carving around the bowl and some early level lip tricks such as 50-50s and feebles. These create the groundwork for later levels with harder tricks that require more commitment. 

Intermediate skate is a program aimed at getting students ready for competitions such as ASA and teaching them the fundamentals of park and street skating. Skateboarding takes a lot of persistence, patience and practice, and all of our students this term have exhibited all of these traits.


 We want to thank all of our students and parents for their commitment to our program, and we cannot wait to see you all at our Progression Session on Sunday the 3rd of April.

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