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Join the RampFest Easter Egg Hunt this Monday

April 16, 2022 1 min read

Join the RampFest Easter Egg Hunt this Monday

We wanted to wish everyone a big HAPPY EASTER for tomorrow, and then we thought we'd love to celebrate with you all... so we decided to launch

The Great RampFest Easter Egg Hunt!

Date:  Monday 18th of April

Time:  3:30pm - 6:00pm

Monday afternoon, you'll get the chance to combine 2x awesome things - a Session at RampFest & FREE CHOCOLATE

The Easter Egg Hunt will kick off at 3:30pm, and once we're wrapped up, the session will carry on as normal until 6pm - with a few extra giveaways here and there when we see something RAD.

But it's not just Chocolate, you can also find Stickers, Vouchers & Giveaways hidden around the skate park.

Open to Kids of all ages - bring your mates and enjoy an awesome afternoon session at RampFest.  To Join the Session & Egg Hunt is just $15, but if you only want to come along for the Easter Egg Hunt, it's FREE!  Just be there before 3:30pm... we're sure it won't last long... 

Book In Here:

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