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How It Unfolded - RampSchool Term 1 Progression Session

April 05, 2022 2 min read

RampSchool participants waiting to see if they will be moving up to the next level - Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

RampSchool Term 1 - What A Treat!

Finally! We got through an entire term of RampSchool without any pandemic-related delays! As is our tradition at Rampfest, the weekend after our last classes of the term we held a "Progression Session", better known to some as a grading, to celebrate the progress all of our students made during the 8 week term!


With a few new faces, and a lot of returning students, we were all ecstatic with the turnout! The support given by our community of caretakers, coaches, and most importantly our students was clear to see, as every student pushed their boundaries in hopes of continuing their study in a more difficult class for term 2.


Here are our graduating students from term 1!

 Scooter School:

Only a small amount of Scooter School students were able to make the jump to the next level in term 1. Siblings Bran and Layne Davies set the tone early on, showing their mastery of basic scooter control and understanding. The leap between Beginner Level 3 and Intermediate Level 1 is quite large with our Scooter School, and we wish all of our progressing riders all the best with their studies in the next term.

Graduating students

  •  Bran Davies - Beginner Level 2
  • Layne Davies - Beginner Level 3
  • Zack Hickey - Intermediate Level 1
  • Jesse Smith - Intermediate Level 3
RampSchool Scooter Students; Bran Davies, Layne Davies, Zack Hickey, and Jesse Smith show their progression at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

BMX School:

 We had a jam packed Intermediate BMX School this term, and with new riders Zachary Hutton and Josh Metcalf showing their expertise in the beginner level, it's going to become even busier Thursday afternoon at Rampfest! Our experienced riders Tol Papadimas and Gus Gangemi also made some major inroads on their journey towards Advanced BMX - Both riders progressing to the Intermediate 3 level.

Graduating Students

  • Archie - Beginner Level 3
  • Josh Metcalf - Intermediate Level 1
  • Zachary Hutton - Intermediate Level 1
  • Koa Butler - Intermediate Level 2
  • Lucas Gwynne - Intermediate Level 2
  • Tol Papadimas - Intermediate Level 3
  • Gus Gangemi - Intermediate Level 3

BMX RampSchool Students; Gus Gangemi, Tol Papadimas, Koa Butler, Josh Metclaf, Archie and Lucas Gwynne present their acolades at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

 Skate School:

Our Skate School students put their best foot forwards at our Progression Session, and we cannot stress just how difficult it is to progress in the early stages of Skateboarding. Our students really pushed themselves throughout the term, with a standout being intermediate rider Tim Lu making serious moves towards the Intermediate 3 level. 

All students will get a chance to show what they have learned over the holiday break during week 1 of Term 2 of RampSchool, this will allow some students that are extra close to moving up a level a second chance to move up!


The main attraction for most participants at this term's Progression Session was the egg hunt! After presentations had been completed, the students waited eagerly for eggs to be hidden all around the skatepark for their chance to run in and snag themselves some free chocolate!

This was a first time event for Rampfest, and it was such a hit that we might just do it again! Watch our Facebook and Instagram, because I have an inkling that we might just throw a mega hunt on Easter Monday!

Check out some of the photos below from the hunt!

RampSchool students waiting patiently for their Easter Egg Hunt at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

RampSchool students scouring the bowl for any hidden Easter Eggs during the egg hunt at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark 

RampSchool students searching all over the skatepark for those missing easter eggs at Rampfest Indoor Skatepark

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