Ravine Kelly

June 01, 2021 1 min read

Ravine Kelly - RampFest BMX expert & coach

Full Name:  Ravine Kelly

Age:  26

Sport:  Freestyle BMX

Years Riding:  4 for Freestyle, Racing BMX for 16 Years

Role at RampFest:  Manager / BMX Coach

Ravine is a former BMX Racer, now Freestyle BMX rider, who joined the RampFest team in 2018.  Rav is an expert on all things BMX at RampFest, plus he makes sure the shop and park keep running smoothly.  You'll find him at RampFest most days either riding, fixing ramps, organising stock or playing with Hugo (the dog).  But seriously, mostly playing with Hugo... 

Favorite Skate Park (not Rampfest):  Noble Skatepark

Favourite Rider/s?:  Dennis Enarson, Chase Hawk, Jason Watts

Favourite Video Part/s?:  Dennis Enarson "Right Here

Favourite RampFest Customer?:  It has to be either Trey Wiley - Because of the Halloween Jam specifically or Will Nothrop - I honestly can't decide.

What do you love about BMX?:  The people you meet. Everyone is always up for a good time, whether it's a progression session or a chill flow everyone has a good time.

What do you do when you aren't riding?:  Hang out with friends, my girlfriend & play board games.  Or walk Hugo, mostly it's walking Hugo though.

Socials:  Instagram: @ravinekelly

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