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New Colony Horizon Range - BMX Bikes specifically for younger riders

November 27, 2019 2 min read

New Colony Horizon Range - BMX Bikes specifically for younger riders

Colony BMX have been working hard at putting together the new Horizon Range of complete bikes and they've just landed in store!

The Horizon range is designed to be a light weight option for the younger riders - with specific geometry to suit.  The whole range is also great value - coming in at $649.95 - much cheaper than the other alloy framed junior BMX bikes on the market.   

Each bike in the range features:

  • Sealed Bearing wheels
  • Integrated headset
  • Sealed Mid Bottom Bracket
  • Tubular 3 piece cranks
  • Railed seats - so you can adjust the angle to suit

Based around a light weight 6061T6 alloy frame & using smaller geometry than most other bikes of this type with shorter frame lengths, small bars & shorter cranks it all adds up to a great bike for youngsters to start off on.

The range comes in 5x wheel sizes - 12inch, 14inch, 16inch, 18inch & 20inch.  This means that there is a Horizon bike for every size young rider.  As an approximate guide, we've put together this sizing table for you:

Bike Size

Rider Size

12” Horizon BMX

Under 100cm

14” Horizon BMX

90 – 110cm

16” Horizon BMX

110 – 130cm

18” Horizon BMX

130 – 150cm

20” Horizon BMX

Above 150cm

 Obviously these sizes are approximate, and really depends on the individual rider.  We'd always recommend you come in and have a look at the bike in person - sit on it, ride around etc.  


Shop Colony Horizon Range Now

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FAQ's about Complete Bikes:

What do you mean "Specific Geometry"?

We often get asked about geometry - what we mean is the key measurements on a BMX Bike - like the length of the top tube, the angle of the forks / bars and the height of the seat, bottom bracket etc.  All of this adds up to how the bike handles and feels.  The Horizon range is built around the classic BMX geometry, just scaled down.  So, not only will this make it easier to ride today, but as your young shredder gets bigger, he or she will find it easy to scale up their bike - they'll already be use to the angles and feel.  

Why is the weight important?

The weight of the bike makes a big difference in the feel and handling - especially when learning to ride ramps or do tricks.  The most basic trick in BMX is the bunnyhop (this is the foundation of almost all tricks) - and it is significantly easier for a younger rider when they are on a lighter bike.  The lighter bike also allows a young rider to manoeuvre the bike more easily when it's in the air - which is very important to jumping skills.


Do you have any further questions about the Colony Horizon Range?  You can either:

Send us an Email:  Email Us

Give us a Call:  (03) 9311 3998

Or drop in for a visit:  Get Directions


Article by:

Chris Bierton

Rampfest Owner / BMX Rider

Em:  Chris@Rampfest.com.au


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