Mens Olympic Street Skateboarding - Competition Wrap Up

July 27, 2021 3 min read

Mens Street Skateboarding made it's debut at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics over the weekend and Australia had Shane O'Neil representing us.  He was up against a field full of amazing skaters from all over the world - including Nyjah Huston from the USA.  So lets have a quick re-cap of the first ever Olympic Skateboarding competition...

How Does the Scoring Work?

Firstly, just in case you were wondering, in Olympic Street Skateboarding, each competitor gets 2x 45second runs on the course, and 5x Best Trick attempts.  Each Run or Trick is scored out of 10 by the panel of 5x Judges, based on speed, originality, style, execution and difficulty.  Then, the 4x best scores are kept and combined for the total score.  This process happens in Qualifying - with the top 8 progressing to the finals - where the process is repeated to get a winner.

Now, lets have a look at how the competition went down...  

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Mens Qualifying Round

The 20 men competing in Street Skateboarding were broken into 4x 5 person heats.  There were definitely some skateboarding super-stars in the field, lead by Nyjah Huston from the USA & current world champion, the 22 year old from Japan, Yuto Horigome.

One thing that was a bit different about this competition was the heat - Tokyo was crazy hot and that certainly didn't make it easy for the competitors.  With no spectators thanks to Covid, the skaters had to really focus on getting themselves amped up.

Australia had 31 year old, Shane O'Neil competing.  He started Skateboarding in Melbourne, Victoria, and has competed all over the world - winning the 2016 World Street Championship.  Unfortunately, Shane didn't have his best day - saying afterwards that he "maybe didn't choose the best tricks" for qualifying.  Shane finished in 16th - but we're all still stoked to see an Aussie taking on the world like that!

Unlike the Womens Street Skate Competition, all the favourites made it through Qualifying - setting up a big showdown for the Medal Round... 

Mens Street Skateboard Qualifiers:

  1. Aurelien Giraud (France)
  2. Jagger Eaton (USA)
  3. Nyjah Huston (USA)
  4. Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil)
  5. Vincent Milou (France)
  6. Yuto Horigome (Japan)
  7. Angelo Caro Narvaez (Peru)
  8. Gustavo Rebeiro (Portugal) 

The Full Qualifying Results are up on the Olympic Site.


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Mens Medal Round

When the finals started, it was pretty obvious that the skaters had been taking it easy through the heats - the level of tricks had stepped up big time.  After the first 2x runs, American Nyjah Huston had the highest run score - with a 9.11, but the overall leader was Brazilian Kelvin Hoefler - with a 8.98 & 8.94.

But, the run scores aren't everything... as Yuto Horigome of Japan quickly showed us.  Out of his 5x Best Trick attempts, he stomped 4... all with scores above 9.03 - securing himself the first ever skateboarding Olympic Gold medal.

Early leader, Kelvin Hoefler, locked in 2x great scores, to add to his solid run scores and take home the silver medal.

And Jagger Eaton from the USA rounded out the podium with bronze, after added 2x solid trick scores to his decent runs.

Early favourite Nyjah Huston surprised everyone by crashing 4 out of his 5 best trick attempts to end up in 7th place.

Final Mens Street Skateboard Placings

  1. Yuto Horigome (Japan)
  2. Kelvin Hoefler (Brazil)
  3. Jagger Eaton (USA)
  4. Vincent Milou (France)
  5. Angelo Caro Narvaez (Peru)
  6. Aurelien Giraud (France)
  7. Nyjah Huston (USA)
  8. Gustavo Rebeiro (Portugal) 

The Full Final Results are also up on the Olympic site.

You can watch the full replay of the Mens Street Skateboarding Final on 7Plus.

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