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Event Wrap Up - Breaking out of Lockdown Jam

December 09, 2020 1 min read

Event Wrap Up - Breaking out of Lockdown Jam

Last weekend, we got to host our first event in over 8 months... man it was a long wait, but it was awesome to be back.  The Breaking Out of Lockdown Jam was all about bringing the RampFest Community back together for a night so good times - and all the classic mini-comps made an appearance.

There was High Air, Best Trick & Bowl Jams, plus a few new ones like "Fastest Tailwhip".  All round, everyone who came out had a blast and "shared the stoke" with each other.

Check out our Jam Video, Photo Album, and this awesome article from the guys at (also our photography partner).

Facebook Photo Album - Like, Tag, Share:




See Full Album - 120+ Images to Like, Tag, Share with your Friends.  CLICK HERE.

Jam Highlights Video:


Event Coverage:  RampFest Lockdown Jam

by Live Breathe Ride:

The story of how a grumpy old man dusted off his camera, came down to RampFest and had some fun shooting photos.

Read Full Article.


 What's Next?

This is just the first of a regular events program we've been working on during the Lockdown... and up next will be our Christmas Jam - which is all set for Saturday 19th of Nov.  You can book your spot in the Christmas Jam right here... don't forget to wear you best (or worst), Christmas outfit... 



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