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Domenic Arrigo

June 01, 2021 1 min read

Domenic Arrigo - BMX Rider, BMX Coach & Skateboard Coach at RampFest Indoor Skate Park

Full Name: Domenic Arrigo

Age:  26

Years Riding:  13

Sport:  BMX, part time skater

Role at RampFest:  Senior Counter Staff, Retail & Social Media

Dom has been with RampFest for a couple of years now, and we can't really remember the place without him... Dom has been a party host, BMX Coach, and Skate Coach - along with taking over the social media duties, and helping Liam with the most exciting task at Fest... entering retail products (seriously - it's the worst job).  Always down for a laugh and a good time - say hi to Dom when you drop in next and you'll definitely have a conversation that will improve your day!

Favourite Melbourne Skate Park (not Rampfest):  Hoopers Crossing Skate Park

Favourite Rider/s?:  Jake Wallwork, Liam Quinlivan, Alec Danelutti

Favourite Video Part/s?:  Anything on Focal Point BMX

Favourite RampFest Customer?:  Vern Wiley for sure!

What do you love about your sport?: The freedom of it and hanging out with awesome people

What do you do when you aren't riding?:  Video games, anime art stuff 

Socials:  Nah... haha!

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