Miller Perini

June 01, 2021 1 min read

Miller Perini - RampFest Team member, scooter rider & scooter mechanic

Full Name:  Miller Perini

Age:  20

Years Riding:  11

Sport:  Scooters

Role at RampFest:  Counter Staff, Head Scooter Mechanic 

Miller was a RampFest customer who just hung around so much he became part of the team - and we're stoke to have him on board.  Miller is one of our product experts in store - making sure we've got a solid range of the latest scooter parts & complete scooters.  He's also got some pretty cool flow on a scooter himself - if you see him at RampFest, ask him anything about scooters or anime and he'll look after you.

Favourite Melbourne Skate Park (not Rampfest):  Noble Park Skate Park

Favourite Rider/s?:  Charles Padel and Lewis Williams (both dudes have got the best flow on a scooter)

Favourite Video Part/s?:  AOSV5/Charles Padel or any old madd gear tour video

Favourite RampFest Customer?:  Archie Gallagher, great kid and has the same dumb sense of humour as me!

What do you love about your sport?:  As much as it’s a cliche answer, just the fact that it’s a freestyle sport, so I can express myself any way I want, with no rules on what I can or can’t do with my riding

What do you do when you aren't riding?:  When I’m not riding, I’ll either be doing something with cars, or I’ll be watching/reading anime or manga

Socials:  I don't really post anything... haha!

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