Fuse Alpha Shin Whip Pad


Alpha Shin Whip Pad
The Alpha shin/whip pad uses a perforated neoprene with air plush lining together with super stretchable neoprene straps. To protect your shins from pedal bites and other impacts Fuse use a Nylon hard shield with EVA foam backing and a super durable Cordura front material. They also added extra padding on the inside to protect the inner part of your leg when catching tailwhips.
Pad Material:
Breathable perforated neoprene and Duratex with air plush lining, super stretch perforated neoprene straps. 
Nylon hard shield with EVA foam backing, inner leg articulated whip pad.
• Highly durable Cordura front material
• Concealed inner pocket for nylon shield  
• Inside leg, whip protection pad
Weight: 395g