GAIN Resistance Gloves - Logo

The Gain Protection Resistance Gloves are the next generation of action sports gloves.  Desigend to be longer lasting, more durable than their competitors, these glvoes will give you a better grip on the bars, and protect your hands when you hit the deck.

Instead of using a syntehtic leather, the new Gain Gloves use an elastic Armortex fabric for both both the inside and outside.  The material is 900 cycle abrrsion resistant (what does that mean?  Who knows - its sounds tough but!), but still thin for a great feel of the bars.

These gloves are also breathable like no other - keeping your hands cool and sweat free during your session.  

The stretch fabric over the back of the hand is also super comfortable, and you'll probably forget you're even wearing gloves!  You can even keep using your touch-screen phone without taking them off... how good.

The logo colourway is the standard for Gain - not too flashly, but not too boring.

These gloves also come in the full size range - check the sizing guide image to see which one will be right for you.