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Gain Protection Stealth Elbow Pads

Sick of getting swell-bow with every fall?  It might be time to invest in some extra protection... and we think the best soft-shell pad on the market is the Gain Stealth Elbow Pads.

These provide next-level protection and show absorbtion, with a super sleek, non-bulky appearance.  They are manufactrured from a semi-perforated neoprene material, with a soft lining that prevents rashes and skin irriration, along with being super breathable to prevent you getting too hot during those long sessions.

The elbow area itself features Gain's signature SlimShield Foam Insert - a thin viscoelastic polyurethane sheet foam material... what is that we hear you ask?  We have no idea - BUT - it's been tested, and has awesome shock-absorbing properties, and returns to its original shape quickly after impact.  Which means it hurts less, and your pads won't deform either.

The outer layer is a durable kevlar - making it tear resistant during even the worst falls.  There is also a dual layer of moisture wicking "sharkskin" neoprene to prevent the pad from slipping down too.  

What's so great about the Gain Stealth Elbow Pads?

  • SlimShieldTM foam inserts, elastic KEVLAR front panel
  • Superb impact protection, only 10mm total thickness
  • Sleek and contoured design, outstanding wearing comfort
  • Super comfortable
  • Durable and hard wearing

These pads come in a range of sizes - check the size chart image for which ones suit you - and are sold as a pair.