Gain Protection Ankle Protectors - NEW

If you're sick of bashing up your ankles , you need the latest version of the Gain Protection Ankle Protectors.  Perfect for BMX or Scooter riders - especially if you're learning whips, or more advanced tricks and you find yourself copping the deck or the crank arm to the bone... 

The new Gain Protection Ankle Protectors are super sleek in their appearance - and come with two plastic cups, plus an additional foam insert in the Achilles tendon area provide maximum impact protection.  And they do this without the protectors being bulky or in the way.

Made from DuraTec neoprene base with antibacterial lining, they prevent rashes & skin irritation and offer more protection against microbiological growth by providing maximum breathability and sweat transmission.

Screen printed Velcro tabs make for an easy & stylish fit and maximum comfort.

They come in a size for Adults & Kids - and if you're not sure which will be best for you, check out the size chart in the images.

Please note that these are sold in pairs.