Aztek Architect 2024 Scooter Complete

The Architect Pro Scooter is the best street set up in its price range. Scooters that are larger tend to be more expensive, but Aztek has defied the laws of scootering and built a scooter that is built for the streets, but also for your wallet! Featuring a deck that is 5.5" wide x 21" long, it will easily lock into grinds, but it won't overpower riders like a larger deck would. This makes the Architect a perfect option for younger riders who want to ride street-style, taller riders who need a larger scooter, or even taller riders looking to ride park-style. It uses SCS compression, compression being what holds your scooter together, which is the best compression in the industry. Its reliability is unmatched and requires the least amount of upkeep maintenance. It also makes customizing your scooter a breeze, and will even increase the lifespan of your fork and bar.

   Aztek Architect Features:

  • Deck:5.5” x 21” Lightweight Deck
  • Deck ends: Solid Nylon Dropout Inserts
  • Bars:26” x 22” Chromoly T-Bars (Including height from SCS)
  • Clamp:SCS Compression
  • Forks:Cast Chromoly Fork
  • Wheels:110 x 24mm Architect 2 Wheels
  • Grips:Aztek Lite Grips
  • Overall Height: 888mm
  • Weight: 3.6kg
  • Color: Satin Black, Platinum Silver, Space Grey, Neptune Blue, Ruby