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Waiver Forms


All participants MUST sign a Waiver Form before riding at Rampfest – and if you’re under 18 – a Parent or Guardian must sign for you. This can be done right here online!

Please do not print this form - it is a totally digital system.  If you can't complete it below, please try this link - Rampfest Waiver Form.

 To complete the form below:

  1. Read through Waiver, Safety & Park Rules sections and click the "I Agree" boxes
  2. Choose "Minor" or "Adult"
  3. Complete all the personal details required (if you miss a field, the form will notify you before you can Submit)
  4. Digitally Sign the Form

    The form is often easier to complete on a touch-screen device (smart phone, tablet etc) for the signature.

    Once you've completed this form, you will be sent a confirmation email and your details will be kept on file at Rampfest.  

    Each time you visit, you'll be required to state your Name to Check In.


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