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Waiver Forms


All participants MUST agree to our Wavier, Terms & Conditions before riding at Rampfest – and if you’re under 18 – a Parent or Guardian must sign for you. This can be done right here online.

Please do not print this form - it is a totally digital system.  If you can't complete it below, please try this link - Complete the RampFest Waiver Form

 To Register:

  1. Click the link above or use the form below
  2. Read the three sections and tick the three "I Agree" boxes
  3. Choose whether this for waiver is for yourself (Adult), a Minor (or multiple minors), or an Adult & Minors - only if the adult is wanting to participate also.
  4. Select "Continue"
  5. Complete all required fields and sign - if you try to submit the form without completing all fields, it will prompt you to go back and finish them.
  6. Click "Agree to this Document" at the bottom
  7. You will be emailed a completed copy of your form for your records.

Once you've completed this form, you will be sent a confirmation email and your details will be kept on file at Rampfest.  

Each time you visit, you'll be required to state your Name at our front counter to Check In.