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At Rampfest, we host regular Coaching Clinics and Programs for Skateboarding, Scooters and BMX.  We have a range of programs, that cater to multiple skill levels and types of learning.  Wether you're a First Timer, Beginner or Advanced, we've got a program to help you progress your skills and have more fun at the Skate park.




Term 3 Coaching Programs on Sale Now

Ramp School is an 8x week program for riders & skaters who are keen to progress their skills and put in consistent practice.  Our coaches will work with the group each week to build on their skills and make consistent improvements. 

NEW DAYS ADDED - this term, we'll be running our Scooter & Skateboarding programs on multiple days.

Scooter Program - Starts Tue 20th of July OR Thu 22nd of July

Skate Program - Starts Wed 21st of July OR Fri 23rd of July

BMX Program - Starts Thursday 22nd of July

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Coaching Programs

Casual Weekend Coaching

Scooters - Every Saturday:  Beginners @ 10am, Intermediate @ 11am

Skateboards - Every Sunday: First Timers @ 9am, Beginners @ 10am, Intermediate @ 11am

BMX - Every Sunday:  Beginners & Intermediate @ 11am

Our weekend coaching clinics are great if you are wanting to get started at the skate park or learn some new skills.  Beginner Classes cater for first timers, and Intermediate Classes are perfect for anyone want to learn some new tricks and further progress their skills.

Beginner Clinics focus on:

  • Skate Park Safety and Etiquette
  • Stance & balance
  • Rolling, Turning, Stopping
  • Basic use of skate park obstacles
  • Building confidence in the Skate Park 
Intermediate Clinics focus on:
  • Using the bowl & indoor ramps
  • Practicing tricks
  • Learning to jump / air properly
  • More advanced use of Skate Park obstacles

Single Classes:  $34.95 p/person

Quick Start Course (3x Lesson Pass):  $49.95 p/person

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Ramp School Coaching Programs

8x Week Term Based Programs & 3 Week Summer Programs

Courses available for Skate, Scooters & BMX

Ramp School Coaching is designed for riders & skaters who are keen to progress their skills - and are willing to put in consistent practice.  As an 8x week program, our coaches will work with the group each week to build on their skills and make consistent improvements.  At the start of each Term, the coach will help the group set personal goals, and then work our way towards them.

The major benefit in our Ramp School programs is learning with consistency - building on each skill week to week helps them to "stick" - and before long, things that were once hard become second nature.  Each week, the group will focus on a different skill aspect or skate park area - plus have some time for games & challenges.

Each 8 week program includes:

  • Warm up and stretching to prevent injury
  • Skate Park Safety and Etiquette
  • Individual skill assessments & goal setting
  • Beginner to Intermediate park skills - using ramps, bowls etc
  • Beginner to Intermediate tricks & combos
  • End of Term Progression Sessions

To find out more about Ramp School for your specific sport, you can click on the options above.

Courses are $199.95 p/term

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Private Coaching

Private Coaching is ideal if you're a bit nervous at first, or if you just want to focus on a specific new skill, prepare for a big event, or get some 1-on-1 advice from our coaches.

Bookings are essential for Private Clinics and availability can vary.  To find out more about , and you can book in below for our Scooter, BMX & Skate Clinics.

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RampFest Coaching Method

At RampFest, our coaching programs focus on the development of fundamental skills.  We believe that building strong basic skills is more important to long term enjoyment and participation in Action Sports than simply learning more tricks.  

We believe this principle to hold true regardless of the sport (Skateboarding, Scooters, BMX), and this is how we structure our programs and train our coaches.  For a more detailed look at this principle in action, check out this article "Basics First - Why we teach tricks last at our Coaching Clinics"

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Progression Guides 

To support our coaching programs, we’re in the process of developing our own Progression Guides for each sport.  The purpose of these is to give young riders and skaters a framework for the skills they should learn and master before they move on.  Our progression Guides for each sport are built around developing fundamental skills, and each "level" will have a skill-based test for students before moving on to the next set of skills.

Check out this article explaining our Progression Guides in more detail.

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We're also planning to launch "Progression Session" events in 2020.  Similar to a "Grading" event in Martial Arts or Gymnastics, these events will give individuals the opportunity to demonstrate their skills and have their personal progress rewarded.  These events will be about personal improvement - not competition with others.  We want to create a supportive and encouraging environment for kids to achieve their goals - while supporting others to do the same.

We'll be releasing more information about "Progression Session" Events Soon.  To stay in the loop, please make sure you sign up for our newsletter below.