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Australian Freestyle BMX Nationals


Rampfest BMX International - C1 PRO/ELITE Event (Sat 24/11) - FINAL RESULTS

Junior Freestyle BMX Nationals - FINAL RESULTS

Amateur Freestyle BMX Nationals - FINAL RESULTS

Pro/Elite Freestyle BMX Nationals - FINAL RESULTS

Event Dates:  24th - 25th Nov 2018

Event Overview

We're proud to announce that we've partnered with Cycling Australia to host the inaugural Freestyle BMX Nationals!  With Freestyle BMX winning an inclusion into the Olympic Games from 2020, more and more major competitions have been springing up globally.  Our Aussie riders have been extremely successful internationally, and we wanted to give them a chance to compete on home soil!

With Cycling Australia on board and supporting our Riders on the way to the Olympic Games, this will be the first opportunity for Freestyle Riders to earn themselves an official National Ranking - with the #1 Rider crowned National Champion.

The event weekend will also feature the Rampfest International - a UCI Sanctioned Points Event for the top riders to earn World Tour Points.

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Spectator & General Public Info

Spectator Entry:  $5 p/person - each day.

Spectators are welcome at the Freestyle Championships - there will be 2x spectator areas fenced off on the course, plus there will be a live viewing screen setup in the main entry area.

Spectators can pay at the front counter and wrist bands will be checked throughout the day in the other viewing areas.

Spectator Entry is open from 9am both Saturday & Sunday.

During Event Days, Rampfest will NOT be open for general riding / skating / scooting.  The park will be exclusively for use of the Competitors - either for the event, or practice time. 

Also during Event Days, only Competitors will be able to take their bike in the park.  All other patrons (including spectators) will need to leave their bikes / scooters / skateboards outside.

Rampfest Staff will provide direction to spectators on the day.

Event Schedule

NOTE:  Depending on Final Numbers in attendance, Practice Sessions may be combined or opened at the discretion of the Competition Manager.  Some Events may proceed earlier if all competitors agree and no one is unfairly advantaged or disadvantaged.

Competition Details & Entry 

 The weekend will feature 2x different BMX Events.  Pro Riders are welcome to enter both if they wish, Am & Junior Riders can enter in the Nationals only.

Australian Freestyle BMX National Championships

The 2018 Australian Freestyle BMX Championships will be the first official national title event for Freestyle BMX – it is open entry for riders of any age or skill level.  National Champions and rankings will be awarded in the following categories:

Junior – 14 & Under - Male / Female

Amateur - 15 & Over - Male / Female

Pro / Elite – Open Age - Male / Female

Please note:

  • For full category rules & conditions, please read the next section.
  • riders of ANY nationality are welcome to enter the event - however only Australian Riders will receive a National Ranking

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RampFest BMX International – C1 UCI Points Event

The Rampfest BMX International is a UCI C1 Classified event – with points allocated to the international rankings of the competitors.  This event is for  Pro Riders, wishing to earn UCI World Ranking Points – to either compete on the world tour this year, or in future years.  The UCI World Rankings & Tour is the pathway to the Olympic Games.

 There is only one Competition Class in this event:

Pro / Elite – Open Age - Male / Female

Field Limit of 15 Riders

The Top 8 Australian Riders according to UCI World Cup Ranking as of the 1st November will be pre-qualified to the event.  They will have the opportunity to accept this spot by 16 November 2018.  If they choose not to enter, that entry spot will be open for general entry.  The remaining spots are open for general entry.

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Field Limits Apply to each competition Category - Entries are Open until the 16th of November.  Please Register as early as possible to avoid disappointment.


Category Qualification Rules

Junior Category

  • 14 and under (year of birth 2004)
  • Does not meet any of the conditions that automatically categories them as a Pro
Amateur Category
  • 15 and over (year of birth 2003)
  • Does not meet any of the conditions that automatically categories them as a Pro

Pro / Elite Category

  • Any Age - if you believe you are capable, you can enter Pro and test yourself!

The following conditions automatically qualify you for the “Pro” category – if you meet any of these, you are not eligible to compete in a lower category:

  • Listed as a member of a Pro BMX Team (by a major sponsor)
  • Have competed in a Pro / Elite International Event within the last 3 years
  • Have made Finals at a Pro / Elite Domestic Event within the last 3 years

Please Note:

The purpose of these competition categories is to make the event fair and accessible to all riders.  There are no limitations on rider’s competing in a higher category to what they are eligible for – in fact, we encourage competitors to push themselves to compete in the highest category possible.  The goal of these rules is to ensure that we do not have “sandbagging” – riders deliberately competing in the lowest possible category to gain an unfair advantage or easy win. The event judges will have discretionary power to alter the category of any competitor if they believe that they are acting against the spirit of the competition and outside of good sportsmanship.


Event Format 

Each Category of the event will have a set number of Rounds of Competition.

Each Round of Competition will follow the same format:

  • Riders given 2x 1min Runs on the course
  • A run is determined by the judges confirming the rider is ready to start, the clock starts when they drop in.
  • A buzzer will sound at the end of 1min.  Any tricks not completed within this time will NOT count to the score.
  • The Judges will score each run individually according to the Judging Criteria outlined below
  • The Highest scoring run will count to the riders final placing in that Round of Competition
    • The lower score is only used in situations of a tie – where 2x riders have an identical highest run score, the winner will be determined by who has the higher 2nd run score.


Junior Competition Format

Made up of one Round of Competition.  The results of this Round will be the final placings.

Riders will be broken up into Heats of 10 at random to perform their runs.


Amateur Competition Format

Made up 2 x Rounds of Competition (Qualifying & Finals)

During Qualifying, Riders will be broken up into Heats of 10 at random to perform their runs.  Your score is compared to all riders – not just those in your heat.

The top 12 from Qualifying will progress to Finals.  During Finals, the riders will ride in ascending order from their Qualifying Position (12th place goes first).

The results from the Finals round will be the final results.


Pro / Elite Competition Format

The Pro / Elite Competitions (both Australian Championships and Rampfest International) will be run according to UCI regulations for Freestyle Park Events. 


Rampfest International C1 Event

With a field limit of 15 Riders, there will be 2 x Rounds of Competition – with the top 8 progressing to Finals.

During Qualifying, riders will be broken into 3 x 5 riders in each heat – and running order will be in reverse order from UCI World Cup Points Ranking.  Riders who have no rankings, will be run at random.

IMPORTANT NOTE:   Top 8 riders in the FINAL will automatically qualify for the 2nd Round (Semi Finals) in the Australian Freestyle Championships.  This is ONLY IF there are more than 31 Entries in the Nationals.  If there are less than 31 entries, you will NOT skip a round.


Cycling Australia Freestyle BMX National Championships

There will be 3 x Rounds of Competition (Qualifying, Semi Finals, Finals)

The Format will be revised if there are less than 31 Riders - as per UCI Regulations.

During Qualifying, Riders will be broken into Heats of 8 and running order will be chosen at random.

The top 16 Competitors from Qualifying will progress to Semi Finals + the 8 x top Finalists from the Rampfest International.

In the Semi Finals, Competitors will be broken into Heats of 6 x 4 rider heats l.  Running order will be ascending from 24th Place.

Final Competition Round will take the top 12 scorers from the Semi Finals.

They will compete in the Finals Round - in ascending order from Semi Finals (12th goes first)

This Round will determine the National Results.


The Freestyle BMX nationals are proudly Sponsored By: