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Rollerskate Coaching at RampFest

Ready to learn Ramp Skating?

We're stoked to have partnered with Big Mood Skating to launch our first, regular ramp rollerskating (also know as aggressive quad skating) sessions at RampFest.

Wednesday Night, at 7pm, Lani Ritz & Keeks from Big Mood will be taking lessons for skaters of all ages. This class is perfect if you're new to aggressive quad skating and want to build confidence, or learn some more advanced tricks on ramps.

Lesson Cost:  $34.95 p/person

All lessons are casual - and you can book into as many as you like.  Lessons run on Wednesday during School Term - and bookings are highly recommended.

Book a Rollerskate Lesson


The instructors will work with all participants at an appropriate skill level - there is no age limit, so everyone is welcome.

Each class can include:

  • Skate Park Safety
  • Basic ramp riding skills
  • Dropping in
  • Pumping Bowls
  • Jumping hips
  • Stalling
  • Airing quarters

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Get ready to drop in with Big Mood Skate Coaches at RampFest for Aggressive quad skating lessons.