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Refund/Exchange/Warranty Policies

Rampfest Refund / Exchange Policy:
Under the Australian Consumer Law, a customer is entitled to a refund or replacement for a major problem with a product - that we are unable to remedy via a repair or replacement product.
For any Services (parties, coaching clinics, session passes etc), a consumer is only entitled to a refund if there is a major problem in the delivery of the service.
Change-of-Mind Policy:
Rampfest does not offer cash refunds for any change-of-mind decisions regarding products or services. 
We can offer store credit for products purchased should the folowing criteria be met: 
  • Rampfest offers 14 Day (from purchase date) replacement or store credit for 'change-of-mind' items that are still in new/sellable condition(condition it left the store in). 
  • An origninal receipt must be provided at time of exchange.
  • Any signs of use, wear or damage will void this offer.
For any services, we can offer rescheduled dates, alternative services or store credit at the sole discretion of Management - depending on the circumstances involved.
Warranty Items:
As the retailer, we do not make the decision whether to approve or deny warranty. All warranties are set by the manufacturer of the product, and they determine the action that is taken.  Our position only is to supply the relevant information and communicate on behalf of the customer to aid the manufacturer in finding a resolution. Time taken and the outcome is not in our control.
In any case, Rampfest believes in offering the best experience possible to it's customers, from the time of purchase to the end of the lifespan of that product.  Part of which is working with you to receive a timely response and outcome from the manufacturer.  In cases where we can provide a better result, we will strive to do so. So if no matter how stressful the situation, please be aware that we will do everything we can to provide a fair and just service for our customers.
With this in mind, please note that:
  • Rampfest is not liable to refund or replace items without manufaturer approval.
  • If the situation is relevant grounds for warranty, the warranty process will be followed as per the manufacturers guidelines.
  • Rampfest is not liable to supply replacement goods or compensation for time taken durring this process.
      • If warranty is denied by the manufaturer, Rampfest may be able to provide any alternative offer at our sole discretion - however, we are in no way liable to do so.
  • If warranty is approved, a replacement or refund may be offered to the customer.
    • Rampfest is not liable to provide any offer that is not set by the manufacturer: Eg. If replacement is offered but a refund is not, Rampfest is not liable to offer a refund, and will only be liable to provide the supplied replacement product.
    Please note that all of these polices are set by management.  If you disagree with something here, please do not take it out on the Staff - there is no situation were rudeness or aggressive behaviour are considered acceptable - they are simply trying to do their job and help you to their best of their ability. More often than not, a considerate and polite approach will go a lot further with everyone involved.
    All situations can be escalated to management if you feel that the response is unreasonable or unfair.