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First Timer's Guide to RampFest

 At Rampfest, we live and breathe Action Sports - and our mission is to get you as stoked as we are on BMX, Skateboarding, Scooters, MTB, Roller Skates or any other wheeled sport.This guide is here to help you plan your first visit to RampFest. So let's get started.

Step 1: Which Session Should I Book?

At RampFest, we have several different sessions & programs available - and most of these are based on your existing skills and experience. To help you pick the best session or program for you, we've broken our sessions down into four main skill levels:

Which category best describes your skills?


You’ve never been on a Skate Park before and this is all new to you - or maybe you've been a couple of times to the local park, but are still a bit unsure of the whole thing. 

You might have some basic "handling" skills on your scooter, skateboard, BMX.

You want to improve your basic skills and learn how to use the Skate Park safely.

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You're confident enough to know when to take your turn and when to wait when riding with a group. You’ve got the basics covered and you're able to visit the skate park and have some fun. 

You're not super serious, but you enjoy learning new tricks & skills.

You want to keep having fun at the skate park, and making new friends. 

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You're confident in the park, know when to take your turn, and can use all the park obstacles - now you're hungry for more.

You are chasing progression and you want to improve your skills and learn some more advanced stuff. 

You want to learn more advanced tricks and really push the limits.

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Core Rider / Skater

This is your thing - you're a lifelong Rider or Skater. and you know your way around the park. 

You're experienced and confident in taking your turn, and you enjoy hitting the big ramps, going high and going fast! 

The bottom line is, you know what you're doing in the skate park, and you want to use the park to its full potential.

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Step 2: Check your Gear

What are you Riding?

You'll need a suitable BMX Bike, Skateboard, Freestyle Scooter, pair of Roller Blades / Skates. When you're checking you're equipment, have a look at:

  • Tyre pressure (for bikes)
  • Bars are correctly aligned & have Bar Ends (bikes & scooters)
  • Wheels are all rolling smoothly (bikes, scooters, skateboards etc)
  • Grip Tape is in good condition (scooters & skateboards)
  • Nuts and bolts are all tight - nothing feels loose or rattles (bikes, scooters, skateboards etc)

If you’re not sure about your gear, you can get in touch with us before your visit on (03) 9311 3998 or Info@Rampfest.com.au . You can also ask our friendly staff for advice when you arrive.

Safety Gear & Clothing:

At a minimum, you'll need closed in footwear (no thongs or sandals please), and a suitable helmet.

When checking your Helmet, please make sure that

  • It fits firmly on your head, and sit just above your eyes
  • The strap should sit under your chin, but not be choking you
  • Ideally be certified to an Australian Standard – and shouldn’t have any visible cracks or damage before use

We also recommend that you use some additional safety gear - such as knee pads, gloves, elbow pads, etc. But this is a matter of personal preference. Please ask our staff if you have any questions, and you can see the range of helmets and safety gear we sell here:

Hire Equipment:

If you don’t have your own gear, don’t panic! We have hire scooters, skateboards and helmets available for you at RampFest for $5 each p/session.

Step 3: Skate Park Safety

Safety is our number one priority at RampFest - we want everyone to have fun and progress their skills without getting hurt. To help you out with this, please read our Ride Safe Tips

1. Wear your Helmet!

The single most important part of safety – protect your head. A helmet must be worn at RampFest and we strongly recommend you use an Australian Standards Certified Helmet at all times.

2. Look Before you Go

Look left, right, front to back before you drop in. It’s like crossing a road, but with more looking.

3. Take short turns

Don’t hog the park – short turns make sure everyone gets a good go. You won't get as tired (less chance of falling), and you're less likely to cut someone else off.

4. Wait in a Safe Position

Always sit back from the edge of ramps, and never sit at the bottom of a ramp (you can't be seen here).

5. It's a Skate Park - Not a Playground

Ramps are not slippery slides and the park is not a running track. Stay on your bike / scooter / skateboard at ALL TIMES.

And lastly, please remember to RIDE TO YOUR ABILITY. It's not a competition or a race - work up to every skill gradually, at your own pace.

For more info about Skate Park Safety, check out this article: "Skate Park Safety 101"

Step 4: Let's Go to RampFest

We recommend you make a booking before coming down to secure your spot. To see sessions by Skill Level, scroll up to Step 1 - or you can see all our programs here:

Book RampFest Sessions

If you've got any questions, we'd love to hear from you. Give us a call or shoot us an email.

Ph: (03) 9311 3998

Ad: 47-85 Hillary St, Braybrook, VIC 3019

Em: Info@Rampfest.com.au