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BMX Coaching

At Rampfest, our BMX Coaching is focused on building basic, fundamental skills that will help you be confident on your bike all the time - whether it’s at the Skate Park, Race Track, Trails or just bunny hopping off gutters (that’s always fun!).

We believe that by initially focusing on the basics, you’ll find it easier to learn tricks and more complicated skills down the line - with a lower chance of injury.

Above all, we believe that BMX is supposed to be FUN.  Our coaches love riding just for the fun of it - and we want you be be as stoked on riding as we are.

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BMX Coaching Guide

The following stages are a guide - these outline the basic steps in skill progression that we follow.  It’s not a rigid system or a linear progression.  It’s flexible to the needs and skill level of each individual.  It’s very possible (and quite likely) that in different skill areas, you’ll sit at different places on the scale.  As such, you’ll work on these different skill areas at the appropriate level.


Stage 1

BMX Fundamentals

These are the absolute basics you need to know to be able to navigate a Skate Park safely.  If you have these under control, we can progress from there! These include:

  • Bunny Hopping - learning to hop on the flat ground, without clip in pedals
  • Pumping - how to generate speed and keep momentum on ramps
  • Carving - how to turn around on ramps
  • Dropping In - how to safely enter a ramp
  • Flying Out - how to safely jump out of a ramp
  • Park Safety & Etiquette - learning the basic rules and flow of a skate park to keep yourself and others safe.

Stage 2

Once we've got the basics under control, it's time to progress into some more challenging stuff!  Here, we split the skills we'll practice into 2x basic categories:

Jumping Skils

These basic skills will help you get comfortable jumping and getting airborne on the bike!

Basic Jumping Skills

  • Learning to control our Fly Out airs
  • Learning to level out and judge landings
  • Getting comfortable in the air

Basic Airing Quarter Pipes (we start below the coping)

  • When to pop off the ramp
  • How to pull back from the ramp
  • How to turn the body in the air
  • How to pump for the next air

BMX Tricks

First off, we’ll start learning tricks that promote good bike control skills.  At first, we’ll be learning everything “fly out” – jumping straight onto the deck rather than a landing.  These tricks would include:

Basic Tricks:

  • X-Up
  • Table top’s
  • 180s
  • Kick outs
  • Tail Taps
  • Manuals
  • Disasters

Stage 3

Jumping Skills

Now that you’re a bit more use to jumping and ramps, we can start really using them!  We’ll learn to jump over boxes, control our landings and flow into the next obstacle.

Intermediate Jumping Skills

  • Learning to use Boxes, Hips, Spines
  • Learning to judge speed for ramps
  • Learning to dip and position the bike for a smooth landing

Intermediate Airing Skills

  • Using bigger quarter pipes, we start going faster and aiming to get above the coping 

BMX Tricks

We’ll build on the tricks that we learned in Stage 2 and start adding in some more complicated ones.  This will include taking our hands and feet off the bike.  As always, we’ll start small and work our way up!

This would include:

  • 360s
  • No Footers
  • Can Can’s
  • Nac Nac’s
  • Barspins

Stage 4

Jumping Skills

By now, you’ll have a good grounding in Jumping and using a Skate Park.  This means it’s time to start using bigger obstacles, going faster and learning how to really maximise our air time off each ramp.

We also start working on some more technical park skills, like:

  • Alley-Oop Airing
  • Transfers across ramps
  • Linking multiple ramps together to create lines through the park

BMX Tricks 

With our tricks we’ve already learned, we can start bringing them to other parts of the skate park – learning them over box jumps and in airs. 

This means that within each trick, we need to learn to really control them and prepare for a smooth landing on the ramp.

We also start learning more advanced tricks like:

  • 360 Variations
  • No-Foot-Cans
  • No-Handers
  • Superman’s (inc variations)
  • Tailwhips

Stage 5

Now, we start combining everything.  We learn how to link lines through the park with multiple tricks and combinations all the way through. 

We work on doing our more advanced tricks over bigger jumps and a variety of obstacles – like hips, spines and in airs.  Depending on where you do it, each trick has slight variations – for example, a 360 over a spine is quite different to over a box jump. 

By learning to combine everything we’ve already learned, you’ll be ready to ride competitions if you choose to.

Alternatively, you’ll be able to just keep progressing, having fun and pushing your limits on your own!


Important Notes about BMX Coaching

  • There is no time limit to learn skills or even any major markers you should be worrying about.  This is a Freestyle Sport - meaning that you can chart your own course, build your own style and have fun along the way.  These stages are a guide only, and give our coaches a basic structure to follow so that it's consistent for our customers.  
  • We don't really use Foam Pits in our coaching.  We don't believe them to be a great way to learn.  Foam Pits can be a useful tool for learning bigger and more dangerous tricks (like flips) - but for other skills, you'll learn faster by practicing on real ramps.  And yes, this mean crashing on real ramps too.  It's important to learn how to fall.
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