Drone LUXE 3 Dual-Core Feather-light Scooter Wheel 110mm

Drone LUXE 3 Dual-Core Feather-light Scooter Wheel 110mm - (Pair)

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Riding Category: All-Round, Level : Beginner to Professional

The Luxe 3 wheels are a technologically advanced update of the popular Luxe range. These wheels are now far lighter due to a totally reimaged Dual-Core Feather-light design. Rather than solid spokes, they utilise new technology and have a spoked hollow-core design, retaining all the strength but reducing weight considerably to 210 grams.

The wheel itself boasts an oversized 86mm core meaning that the wheels themselves are more rigid which increases the responsivity of the wheels and helps with power transfer and speed. The core size to PU ratio is also optimised to bring down the weight.

The wheels come pre-fitted with the best bearings we could source – the Drone Ultra-Sonix bearings which offer unmatched speed, performance and durability.

The Luxe 3 wheel is a true performance product from Drone and is guaranteed to help you progress within scootering.


  • Dual-core technology hollow design for weight reduction and strength increase
  • 110mm
  • 88a PU hardness
  • Large 86mm core for increased rigidity and power transfer
  • Weight: 210g per wheel (with bearings)
  • Ultra-Sonix bearings for maximum speed

Forge Profile: Dual-Core Technology

Detail: 2 Piece Spoked Dual-Core

Performance Statistics

  • Lightweight: 10
  • Strength: 8
  • Speed: 9
  • Grip: 8